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Henan Mingtai Aluminum Industry Co.,Ltd was founded in 1997. It is a large aluminum foil sheet coil manufacturer in China. And Mingtai has 3 major production bases covering an area of 1.3 million sq.m., with an annual production capacity of 800,000 tons! Here, Mingtai Aluminum can produce various 1-8 series aluminum foil sheets, which are involved in food, medicine, construction, industry and other fields, accordingly obtained the certification of KOSHER, FDA, the surface water brushing test A Grade, and have all passed ISO9001:2015 quality management certification, with highly guaranteed quality !
So far, Mingtai aluminum foil sheet products have been sold well in Europe, South Asia, East Asia, Southeast Asia, North Africa, East Africa, South America, North America, more than 100 countries and regions. So Mingtai has become one of the top 5 manufacturers in the export volume of aluminum foil/ sheet/ coil in China, enjoying a high market reputation ! Get Quick Quotes : .Come on !


Mingtai Al. is adjacent to the origin of raw materials, has own power plant, with 1.3 million sq.m. large plant, large-scale production, so the cost of products is 30-80% lower than that of competitors!


Mingtai aluminum foil sheet can meet EN, ASTM, DIN, and all have series of inspection certificates, to allow global buyers to purchase and use with confidence.


More than 20 years of processing experience, 68 quality control points. So Mingtai product surface is better, surface water brushing test A Grade, the performance is far beyond the international standard.


10 minutes quick response quotation, free sample delivery, original factory warranty provided, home delivery, to create 360°one-stop considerate services.

Quality Advantage

Flat, Low ear-making rate, Uniform color, Never pitting/pinhole/corrosion marks

Clean surface, Wettability A grade, Never crease, speckle/bright line/other rolling defects

Never burr/tower shape/channeling layer/flaring edge/flanging phenomenon,etc

The thickness is controlled within±4% precision error, also can achieve the thinnest thickness size.

Width must be guaranteed, customized for production according to customer requirements

Specific Application of Aluminum Foil Sheet

Aluminium Closure Foil Sheet

Aluminium Closure Foil Sheet

1060 aluminum foil sheet for injection vial seals has long history, with 0.016-0.5 mm thickness. As for 8011 aluminium closure sheet also used for oral liquid, injection vial seals, pull-off / ROPP/ screw caps/ omnia jar caps,etc. Similarly, Grade 1050 for sealing gaskets, 1070 for cosmetic bottle caps,etc.
Lunch Box Container Foil

Lunch Box Container Foil

The safe and popular lunch box container foil, includes 3003 aluminum foil for three/multi-cavity/complex special-shaped container, upgraded 3004 aluminum foil, popular 8011 aluminum foil, and exclusive 8006 aluminum foil for aerospace lunch box,etc, with thickness 0.03mm ~ 0.20mm.

Honeycomb Foil

In the composite structure of aluminum honeycomb panel, hexagonal 3003/ 5052 aluminum honeycomb core is made of 3003 or 5052 aluminum foil, with thickness 0.02~0.06mm. For the upper/ lower bottom plates, and panels mainly use 3003-H24 or 5052-H14 aluminum sheet, with thickness of 0.4 mm-3.0 mm.
Pharmaceutical Foil

Pharmaceutical Foil

The common aluminium foil for pharmaceutical packaging includes 8011 alloy for PTP blister foil, 8021 cold forming blister foil, 8079 pharma foil for tropical type blister packaging, as well as 1060 aluminium foil for medicine bottle seals film,etc.,with H18, O temper.
Household Foil(HHF)

Household Foil( HHF)

As for common household foil, such 1235/1100/1070/1060 aluminium foil, the melting point is 660℃, much higher than that of traditional tin foil (melting point 231.89℃). so It’s used for a folio to cover disposable food package, outdoor BBQ cooking fresh-keeping film, egg tart, baking, etc.
Tape Foil

Tape Foil

"Tape Foil" is the aluminum foil used to make aluminum foil tape. Its typical alloy are 1235 aluminum foil, and 1100,1070,1060 aluminum foil. For the hot-selling aluminum foil tape, is needed to bond and repair the damaged parts, such as electronic products, automobiles, pipes punctured,etc.


Successful Cases of Mingtai Aluminum Foil Sheet

There are lots of Successful Cases of Mingtai for you to discover, as well as the latest Industry Trends, Hot Topics, Product Knowledge and Prices !
10 month

260 Tons of 8011/8079 Food Container Foil Exported to Turkey

Food container foil include 8011/ 8079/ 3004/ 1100 aluminum foil, etc. Here Mingtai 260 tons of 8011 and 8079 food container foil were exported to turkey !

8 month

Mingtai Aluminum Foil for Sealing Gaskets Exported to Europe

Good news! The European customer from Poland trustingly ordered from us 1050 aluminum foil for sealing gaskets with specifications of 0.2*940*1250mm, 0.2*1090*1250mm and temper of H19!

7 month

Mingtai Exports 440 Tons of 3003 Aluminum Plate for Power Battery Housing

Mingtai successfully signed 440-ton 3003 aluminum plate order with European customers ! Not only 3003 aluminum plate for power battery housing, but also 3003 food grade aluminum foil sheet.

6 month

Aluminium Foil Container 8011 3003 Dubai

3003 aluminum foil for container has better strength and elongation ratio than 8011 grade. It is not easy to break when punching, thus avoiding the loss of aluminum foil container cost.

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