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Aluminum Tread Plate (2)

At present, Aluminum tread sheet is generally loved by everyone, because it has many beautiful appearances such as willow, lentils, pointer, etc., and has excellent anti-slip properties, good corrosion resistance, etc. It various attributes meet the corresponding use requirements. So it can be seen everywhere in our lives, such as decoration, elevators and stairs, cold […]

Mingtai aluminum sheet (6)

The eight elements that affect the properties of aluminum sheet are vanadium, calcium, lead, tin, bismuth, antimony, beryllium and sodium.According to the different uses of finished products,the elements added in the process of processing are different from the compounds formed by aluminum because of the different melting point and structure, so the effect on the […]

Aluminum diamond plate

Classification and Application of Aluminum Embossed Sheet The emergence of embossed aluminum plate makes it very demanding, and its alloy range mainly includes 1xxx, 3xxx, 5xxx, 6xxx series plates. Like the commonly used big 5 bar embossed aluminum plate, small 5 bar embossed aluminum plate, styloid embossed aluminum plate, etc., often used in factory floors, decoration and other aspects, in […]

Mingtai aluminum sheet (3)

Aluminum plate material is extremely unstable in the air,It is easily to be formed an oxide film that is difficult to recognize by naked eye. Because the process methods of aluminum part is different, such as casting molding,directly cutting from the rolled sheet,or mechanical fine processing, and heat treatment or welding after other processes. So […]

Aluminum Tread Plate (3)

Aluminum Tread Plate Aluminum tread plate is made by rolling rolled steel rod with concave and convex pattern. The five bar non-slip aluminum tread plate on the market is arranged in parallel according to five embossing patterns, And each pattern has an angle of 60-80 degrees with other patterns. So this aluminum tread plate has […]


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