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Aluminum Foil for Lunch Box Material At present, aluminum foil lunch boxes have been commonplace, and their advantages have gradually been discovered by us and become hot products. Here, I think most of the advantages of this disposable lunch box are attributed to its raw material——aluminum foil. You see, aluminum foil for lunch box material […]

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Aluminum Foil for Sealing Gaskets The sealing aluminum foil gasket is composed of heat sealing layer, aluminum foil, weak adhesion layer, cardboard elastomer, etc. Among them, the aluminum foil layer which plays a key role is the product that Mingtai can produce. Here, the 1050 aluminum foil and 8011 aluminum foil for sealing gaskets produced […]

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1000 Series Aluminum Sheet 1000 series aluminum sheet belongs to the series with the most Al content, and its purity can reach more than 99.00%, which can be called pure aluminum sheet. Since 1000 series aluminum sheet does not contain other technical elements, the production process is relatively simple and the price is relatively cheap, […]

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Aluminium Sheet for Bike Aluminum itself has the advantages of light weight, good plasticity, and corrosion resistance. In addition, the addition of other alloy components such as Mg, Zn, Si, Cu can significantly improve the mechanical properties of aluminum sheets. Therefore, most of the aluminium sheet for bike are 6000 series (A1-Mg-Si) and 7000 series […]

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Mingtai Aluminum Foil for Cap Material Aluminum foil for cap material is one of the dominant products of Mingtai Aluminum. Here, Mingtai is equipped with an extra long cleaning line and a flat shear to ensure that the surface of the aluminum foil for cap material is clean and the ear-making rate is low. It […]


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