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5052 aluminum sheet (3)

Marine Grade Aluminum 5052 Sheet Plate: Marine grade aluminum 5052 is the perfect alloy material for a yacht for the freshwater lake. Such as the commonly used 5052 h32 aluminum sheet, 5052 O aluminum sheet. In addition, due to its high fatigue strength, 5052 aluminum alloy also is well suitable to make large marine diesel […]

5754 aluminum (3)

5754 Aluminum Sheets Supplier in Malaysia: 5754 aluminum sheets supplier in Malaysia of China manufacturer provides quality 5754 aluminum sheet, also offer very competitive 5754 aluminum sheet price!As we know, the Si content of 5754 aluminium alloy is higher than that of 5052, so aluminium 5754 properties show better mechanical properties, also have better forging function, […]


1060 Aluminum Alloy Overview Al content of 1060 aluminum alloy is 99.6%, which is a typical representative of pure aluminum alloy series. so, 1060 alloy has good plasticity, corrosion resistance, electrical and thermal conductivity, etc., as well as high elongation, tensile strength, formability, easy to withstand various pressure processing, stamping, stretching and bending, etc. 1060 aluminum alloy can […]

48 x 96 aluminum diamond plate (2)

4×8 and 48 x 96 Aluminum Diamond Plate Common Name 48 x 96 aluminum diamond plate is actually a 4×8 aluminum diamond plate. This is not surprising, because you know this is just a distinction between inches and feet. You see, 48 means 48’’=48 inches=4 feet, and 96 means 96’’=96 inches=8 feet. Similarly, If we […]


Honeycomb Foil 3003 for Aluminum Honeycomb Core In fact, aluminum honeycomb core is made of multiple layers of honeycomb foil bonded together, such as honeycomb foil 3003, 5052, and then unfolded into a regular honeycomb shape. So, the parameters of honeycomb foil, and honeycomb core specifications, node glue,etc., become the key factors, affecting the performance […]


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