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3003 aluminum sheet (4)

3003 Aluminum Sheet for Roofing 3003 aluminum sheet for roofing has excellent formability, corrosion resistance and welding properties. Such as 3003-h24 and 3003-h26 aluminum sheet. Among them, the tensile strength of 3003-h24 aluminum sheet is generally about 160-170MPa. And its strength is about 20% higher than that of 1060 and 1100 aluminum plates. In addition, […]

3003 h14 Aluminum Coil Overview 3003 h14 aluminum coil refers to H14 tempered 3003 aluminum coil. Among them, 3003 is the number of aluminum alloy products named by the AA Aluminum Association. And for the H stands for cold work hardening. Besides, the following number indicates different degrees and types of cold work hardening. And […]

3003-h22-Aluminum-sheet (2)

5754 h14 Automotive Aluminum Sheet 5754 h14 automotive aluminum sheet refers to H14 tempered 5754 aluminum sheet for automotive application. And the common also are 5754-h24 aluminum, 5754-O aluminum, etc. Under the H14 temper states, 5754 aluminum sheet after rolling will spontaneously soften until it reaches a stable state. In fact, 5754 aluminum is a […]


3003 Aluminum Sheet for Building 3003 aluminum sheet for building has moderate strength, good machinability, formability, corrosion resistance, durability, weldability, and surface treatment effect, etc. And it’s because 3003 aluminum is typical 3 series Al-Mn anti-rust alloy. Therefore, 3003 aluminum sheet plate becomes a perfect material for building insulation materials. For example, aluminum composite panel […]

5005 aluminum sheet (5)

7075 Aluminum Plate Suppliers 7075 aluminum plate suppliers must have excellent technology, process and equipment strength. That because 7075 aluminum is a kind of super hard aluminum, so it cannot be produced by conventional hot rolling mills. In fact, 7075 aluminum plate is a cold forging alloy with high strength and hardness, much better than […]


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