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Honeycomb foil

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Honeycomb foil introduction:

Honeycomb foil is the main material used to make honeycomb core. At present, paper honeycomb, aluminum honeycomb and plastic honeycomb are the main products. Honeycomb core is the inner filling of honeycomb panel. Honeycomb panel has light weight, waterproof, high strength and good flatness. The advantage is that aluminum honeycomb panel is a high-end new material for replacing aluminum veneer and aluminum composite panel. Aluminum honeycomb foil has the advantages of anti-deformation, good sound insulation, heat insulation and impact resistance.

Honeycomb foil

Honeycomb foil material:

Honeycomb foil is generally 3003 aluminum plate, state H18, thickness between 0.03-0.08mm, mostly between 0.04-0.06mm, there are also a few 5052 aluminum plate honeycomb aluminum foil, but due to high cost, very small amount, product to plate type The thickness requirements are stricter and the requirements on the board surface are relatively low.

Honeycomb foil

Honeycomb foil application:

Aluminum honeycomb foils are currently widely used in the market, mainly in: household appliances, lighting industry, transportation industry, such as trains, subway trains and ship compartments, train doors and other decorative materials. Its completely non-toxic green quality has an irreplaceable and powerful role in the industrial, manual textile and furniture home industries.

Honeycomb foil

Honeycomb foil customers:

At present, aluminum honeycomb foil customers in China can be roughly divided into two types: one is a honeycomb core-only enterprise. These enterprises supply honeycomb cores as manufacturers of honeycomb panels, and also export semi-finished products. These enterprises have single business and equipment. The variety is small, the monthly dosage is generally less than 50 tons, except for some large manufacturers; the second is the enterprise that makes the finished honeycomb panels. These enterprises mainly use honeycomb panels and foam sandwich panels to make honeycomb cores for their own honeycomb panels, generally not alone. The honeycomb core is sold. In addition, as the domestic building materials market is increasingly demanding environmental protection, safety and light weight, the market demand for honeycomb cores is on the rise.

Honeycomb foil

Honeycomb foil supplier:

The aluminum honeycomb foil market is currently dominated by Mingtai and some small aluminum foil factories in China. The small factories also have a place in the market with low price and flexible business. Mingtai’s honeycomb aluminum foil products are slightly higher than other manufacturers’ products, but high. Quality is the advantage. Some honeycomb manufacturers with their own brands will choose Mingtai’s products for high-end honeycomb foils. Due to the current weak economic situation, the whole market is in a transition period, and all industries are shuffling. The industry is invincible and needs to be protected by high quality. Therefore, Mingtai’s business philosophy is based on the long-term effectiveness of quality service customers.

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