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Pharmaceutical aluminum foil | aluminum foil pharmaceutical packaging

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Introduction of Pharmaceutical aluminum foil

Pharmaceutical packaging aluminum foil, as the name suggests is used to package medicines, aluminum foil pharmaceutical packaging is divided into a variety of, capsule aluminum foil, cold-formed medicinal aluminum foil, blister ptp aluminum foil, foil gasket. Aluminum foil alloy used in different pharmaceutical packaging are different, so what are the common aluminum foil pharmaceutical packaging? How much is the Medicine aluminum foil? This article gives you a brief description.

Pharmaceutical aluminum foil

The alloy and parameter of pharmaceutical aluminum foil

What are the common types of aluminum foil pharmaceutical packaging? What are the thickness specifications? The following are some of the pharmaceutical aluminum foil alloys and their common specifications for reference.

1.PTP medicinal aluminum foil, alloy 8011 aluminum foil, state: O, H18, thickness: 016-0.5mm

2.Blister medicinal aluminum foil, alloy 8021 aluminum foil, state: O, thickness: 0.04-0.065mm

3.Tropical type medicinal aluminum foil, alloy 8021, 8079, state : O, thickness: 0.016-0.2mm

4.Aluminum foil for medicine cover, alloy 8011 aluminum foil, state H14, H16, thickness 0.016-0.5mm

Pharmaceutical aluminum foil

Pharmaceutical aluminum foil manufacturer

Mingtai Aluminum Industry Co.,Ltd is a large-scale aluminum foil manufacturer. In addition to the above-mentioned aluminum foil pharmaceutical packaging, users can also provide the required alloys and specifications, Mingtai Aluminum will provide you with a customized production solution. Come and contact us, here is a professional customer service to answer your questions.

Pharmaceutical aluminum foil

Price of harmaceutical aluminum foil

How much is the pharmaceutical aluminum foil? As mentioned above, a variety of different alloys can be used for the pharmaceutical aluminum foil. The alloys are different and the price is different. The specific thickness is different, the price of aluminum foil is also different, the thinner the thickness, the more expensive the price.
Of course, although the price of different alloy specifications of medicinal packaging aluminum foil is not the same, it is certain that the Henan pharmaceutical aluminum foil is economical, as in the case of Mingtai medicine aluminum foil manufacturer: as a professional aluminum foil manufacturer, the product is in the production process is more scientific and rigorous, reducing unnecessary cost loss, and is direct sales of the pharmaceutical aluminum foil manufacturer, reducing the difference between the middlemen and the price is more affordable.
For the price of pharmaceutical aluminum foil, it has always been the customer’s first understanding of the problem, the specific price of aluminum foil, you can consult online at any time and need’t pay it, the company sales manager will give you a more detailed and more favorable quotation.

Pharmaceutical aluminum foil

Choosing Mingtai for pharmaceutical aluminum foil

If you want to buy a preferential pharmaceutical packaging aluminum foil, it is recommended to choose Henan Mingtai Aluminum, not to mention that Mingtai is a big brand. From the point of view of sales, the sales volume of aluminum plate and foil has increased from 650,000 tons to 770,000 tons. The used customers have praised it successively, at the same time, the pharmaceutical aluminum foil products produced by Mingtai Aluminum are flat and show no pinhole black silk highlights, which can reach the brush A grade, and the quality is guaranteed.

We all know compare the quality of the product under the same price conditions and compare its price under the same product quality. Medicine aluminum foil under the premise of quality assurance, price of medicine aluminum foil is the last word, this is what Mingtai has been doing, It must be fully considered when we buy it.
When purchasing pharmaceutical aluminum foil, we can choose itproduced by Henan Mingtai Aluminum, which is affordable, qualityand trustworthy. Interested friends are welcome to make an inquiry online at any time.

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