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5251 Aluminium Alloy Overview 5251 aluminium belongs to high magnesium alloy with 1.7-2.4% Mg content. So, aluminum 5251 alloy shows excellent corrosion resistance, especially in marine atmospheres. Besides, 5251 aluminium also is known for work hardening rapidly, and it’s readily weldable, whether using GTAW (TIG) or GMAW (MIG) method. Similarly, its ductility, formability, workability, fatigue […]

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5086 h116 Aluminum Plate ASTM B209 Plate 5086 h116 aluminum plate is typical 5 series alloy with high strength. For its high strength, is due to strain hardening or cold working of H116 temper. Meanwhile, the H116 tempered 5086 aluminum has obtained excellent resistance to peeling corrosion. And its mechanical properties vary significantly with hardening. […]

5754 h111 Aluminum Alloy 5754 h111 aluminum and 5754 H114 aluminum are the common alloy in tread plates. For the h111 tempered 5754 aluminum sheet alloy, exhibits high strength, excellent corrosion resistance, anodizing property, surface treatment effect, cold workability, weldability, etc. Of course, that due to some work hardening imparted by shaping processes, but less […]


5754 aluminum sheets supplier In modern society, cars have become a convenient way for people to travel. Many people are willing to buy a car of their own. One of the car parts that buyers often look at is the car’s engine cover, also known as the engine cover. The main requirements of the engine […]

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5083 h32 Aluminum Sheet Overview: 5083 h32 aluminum sheet refers to work hardening 5083 aluminum plate, after low-temperature heat treatment or due to the heating in the process of processing, so as to achieve stable mechanical properties, and obtains 1/4 Hard. The strength of 5083 alloys in H32 temper, is slightly stronger than that in […]

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5052 Series Aluminum Alloy: 5052 series aluminum belongs to 5 series Al-Mg alloy. The major alloy Mg content ranges from 2.2 to 2.8. It’s a prominent sign that distinguishes 3003 series aluminum. 3003 aluminum and 5052 series aluminum are famous for excellent corrosion resistance. However, the overall performance of 5052 alloys is better than 3003 Grade. […]

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Aluminum 5083 h321 Suppliers Introduce Marine h321 Temper: Aluminum 5083 h321 suppliers supply h321 tempered 5083 aluminum plate. As for 5083 h321, refers to the 5083 aluminum sheet after work hardening, which obtains h321 temper and stable mechanical properties after a suitable heat-treatment process. And the hardening degree obtained is slightly less than that of […]

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5083 h111 Aluminum Sheet Overview: 5083 h111 aluminum sheet in 5083 aluminum series is very hot-selling. The h111 of 5083 h111 aluminum refers to the tempering state in fact. To achieve this temper, the 5083 aluminium sheet after the final annealing has undergone an appropriate work hardening, but the degree of work hardening is not […]


49 x 96 Aluminum Sheeting for Trailers 49 x 96 aluminum sheeting for trailers is mostly Al-Mg aluminum alloy sheet, such as 5083 aluminum sheet, 5052, 5754, 5086, 6061 aluminum alloy sheet, etc. Those aluminium alloy properties show light texture, better corrosion and weather resistance, high fatigue strength, good weldability, etc. So it will replace […]

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5754 Aluminum Sheets Supplier in Malaysia: 5754 aluminum sheets supplier in Malaysia of China manufacturer provides quality 5754 aluminum sheet, also offer very competitive 5754 aluminum sheet price!As we know, the Si content of 5754 aluminium alloy is higher than that of 5052, so aluminium 5754 properties show better mechanical properties, also have better forging function, […]


5052 h32 Aluminum Sheet: 5052 h32 aluminum sheet refers to work-hardened 5052 aluminum sheet after low-temperature heat treatment, or heat during processing, to obtain stable performance in H32 temper. Similarly, aluminum 5052 h32 also shows more formable than 6061 aluminum, and higher strength than that of either 1100 or 3003. In addition, it also has […]


5052 h34 Aluminum Sheet Coil 5052 h34 aluminum means that 5052 aluminum alloy undergoes low-temperature treatment or heating after work hardening, to obtain stable performance under h34 temper. At this time, the hardness level is 4. So, 5052 h34 aluminum properties show high workability, excellent surface treatment effect, and good weldability. Besides, 5052 aluminum alloy […]


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