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5251 Aluminium 5251-H22 5251-H34 Coil Sheet

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5251 Aluminium Alloy Overview

5251 aluminium belongs to high magnesium alloy with 1.7-2.4% Mg content. So, aluminum 5251 alloy shows excellent corrosion resistance, especially in marine atmospheres. Besides, 5251 aluminium also is known for work hardening rapidly, and it’s readily weldable, whether using GTAW (TIG) or GMAW (MIG) method. Similarly, its ductility, formability, workability, fatigue strength are good. Thus making 5251 aluminium sheet coil more widely used in boat, marine structures, vehicle, containers, etc

5251 Aluminium 5251-H22 5251-H34 Coil Sheet

There are 5251 aluminium alloys available in H22, H24, H34, H32, H36, O (annealed) and other temper, as well as various types, specs, etc. In the market, the hot-selling include aluminium 5251 h22 alloy and Aluminum 5251 H34 coil sheet.

5251 aluminium

Aluminium 5251 h22 Alloy

Aluminium 5251 h22: refers to the work hardened alloy 5052 aluminum, which was partially annealed to obtain 1/4 hardness of H22 tempered.
Features: Moderate strength and hardness, Better ductility, cold working formability, and Excellent corrosion & weather resistance, etc.
Mechanical Properties:

Proof Stress Tensile Strength Hardness Brinell
120 Min MPa 190 – 230 MPa 56 HB

5251 aluminium

Aluminum 5251 H34 Coil

Aluminium 5251 H34 Coil: is our star product, and refers to the work-hardened 5251 aluminium coil undergoes low-temperature treatment or other processes, to obtain stable mechanical properties of H34 tempered.
Features: Higher strength, hardness and other mechanical properties, No welding stress, Better workability, surface treatment effect, etc
Mechanical Properties:

Proof Stress (0.2% ) Tensile Strength Elongation
180 Min MPa 230 – 275 MPa 3 – 8 % min

5251 aluminium

5251 Aluminium Sheet Coil Application

In general, aluminium 5251 (NS4)- an non-heat-treatable rolled aluminium alloy designed for condition where higher mechanical properties are required together with a degree of formability.
Specifically, 5251 aluminium sheet plate and coil is typically used in:
~ Boats
~ Marine structures
~ Vehicle
~ Pressure vessels
~Heat transfer devices
~ Welded structures
~ Metalwork
~ Panelling and pressings
~ Silos or Boiler making

Technical Parameters of 5251 aluminium Alloy

Elements Mg Mn Cu Zn Ti Cr Fe Si Others(all) Al
Content 1.7 – 2.4 0.1 – 0.5 0.15 0.15 0.15 0.15 0.5 0.4 0.15 Remain
Typical alloy 5251 Aluminium
Alloy Types Sheet, Plate, Coil
Material temper O, H22, H24, H26, H32, H34, H36, H38, etc
Thickness 0.2-500mm
Width 100-2650mm
Length (mm) Customize
Typical product Boats, Marine structures, Vehicle, Pressure vessels, Metalwork, Heat transfer devices, Panelling and pressings, etc.


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