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Almg3 EN AW 5754 h111

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Almg3 EN AW 5754 h111

EN AW 5754 h111 refers to almg3 series aluminium en aw 5754-h111 alloy. That is, it belongs to typical Al-Mg anti-rust alloy with non-heated treatment. In fact, due to the addition of the main ingredients Mg, almg3 en aw 5754 h111 gets better properties. For example, aluminum en aw 5754 h111 has prominent corrosion resistance, weldability, anodizing quality, and higher mechanical properties, etc. Therefore, it’s widely used for marine applications, vehicles, weldments, tread plate and so on.

en aw 5754 h111

EN AW 5754 h111 Equivalent

In some aspects, en aw 5754 h111 can be equivalent to A95754, Al Mg3, Al 3.1Mg Mn Cr, AW-5754, work material number 3.3535, aluminum AG3M and other standard designations and specifications.
Besides, the H114 and H111 temper of aluminium en aw 5754 h111 are equivalent treadplate tempers.
In fact, for the H111 means the tempering process of 5754 aluminum. That is, the final annealed 5754 alloy underwent appropriate work hardening, but the work hardening degree couldn’t reach the H11 state.

en aw 5754 h111

EN AW 5754 h111 Datasheet

Here, our Mingtai provides the datasheet of en aw 5754 h111 covers alloy composition, mechanical properties, physical properties. As shown below.

Elements Mg Mn Fe Si Cr Zn Cu Ti Others Al
Content 2.6~3.6 0.5 0.4 0.4 0.3 0.2 0.1 0.05 0.05 Remain
Alloy & Temper Thickness (mm) YS, Rp0.2 UTS, Rm Elongation A50 Hardness Brinell Bend Radius  180° Bend Radius  90° / / /
5754-H111 > 0.5 to 1.5 80 MPa 190-240 MPa 14% 44 HB 0.5 t 0.5 t / / /
  > 1.5 to 3.0 80 MPa 190-240 MPa 16% 44 HB 1.0 t 1.0 t / / /

en aw 5754 h111

Aluminium EN AW 5754 h111 with Best Prices

As we know, en aw 5754 h111 is versatile aluminum alloy product. In practical ,it’s very popular in manufacturing, construction, transportation, industry, all of our life. So here, our Mingtai as a large supplier and manufacturer, supply best priced and quality aluminium en aw 5754 h111 sheet plate ! Besides, there also are abundant 5754 alloy with complete types, temper, thickness, and customizable specs. What’s more, we also have very competitive factory prices ! Therefore, if your are interested in our 5754 h111 aluminium sheet, then contact us to get best price ! Just send an e-mail, or leave a messages. Don’t hesitated ! Come on !


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