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Egypt Aluminium 5754 h22 Properties

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Egypt Aluminium 5754 h22

Egypt aluminium 5754 h22 shows high anti-fatigue strength, excellent weldability, cold workability, plasticity, corrosion resistance, etc. As we know,5754 h22 aluminum refers to H22 tempered 5754 alloy. And the common temper are H111, H114, H22, H24, H26. In fact, these temper affect strength and hardness. For example, H26 is stronger and harder than H111. And 5754 h22 is annealed to quarter hard. In generally, 5754 h22 alloy is widely used for welding structure, vehicles, marine uses, etc.

egypt aluminium 5754 h22

Egypt Aluminium 5754 h22 Properties

Anodized surface after treatment: In fact, egypt aluminium 5754 h22 has very good anodizing quality. This not only increases corrosion resistance, but also gives a nice gloss.
Corrosion resistance. As we know, 5754 aluminum also belongs to Al-Mg alloy. Due to the addition of main alloy element Mg, 5754-H22 alloy has outstanding corrosion resistance, whether to the atmosphere, the seawater or the industrial environment.
Cold workability: Besides, egypt aluminium 5754 h22 is also typical 5000 series non-heat treated alloy. So 5754 h22 is strengthened by cold working. And it also has good cold workability.

egypt aluminium 5754 h22

Parameters of Egypt Aluminium 5754 h22 Properties

Alloy Temper Specified Thickness (mm) Rm (MPa) Rp0.2 (MPa) Elongation min.(%) Bend radius a (90°) Hardness (HBW a)
5754 H22/ H32 0.2-0.5 220-270 130 7 0,5t 63
5754 H22/ H32 0.5-1.5 220-271 131 8 1,0t 64
5754 H22/ H32 1.5-3.0 220-272 132 10 1,5t 65
5754 H22/ H32 3.0-6.0 220-273 133 11 1,5t 66
5754 H22/ H32 6.0-12.5 220-274 134 10 2,5t 67
5754 H22/ H32 12.5-40.0 220-275 135 9   68

egypt aluminium 5754 h22

Best Egypt 5754 Alu Sheet Price

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