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Aluminium Plate Price in Pakistan 8011 1050 Sheet Coil

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Aluminium Plate Price in Pakistan

There are Pakistan aluminium plate prices covering 1-8 series alloys. Such as the price of aluminium 1050 h14, 8011, 3004, 5754, 6061 and other alloy plates. Nowadays, aluminium plate in Pakistan has been widely for building material, food and pharma packaging, cosmetics, and various fields, thanks to its excellent deep drawability, ductility, machinability, surface treatment effect and other properties. In addition, also due to very preferential aluminium plate price in Pakistan !

aluminium plate price in Pakistan

Aluminium Plate Price in Pakistan 8011 1050 Sheet Coil

8011 Aluminium Sheet Roll Price in Pakistan

8011 h14 aluminum closure sheet is hot-selling in Pakistan. In practice, 8011 alloy is divided into 8011 alu foil and sheet according to its thickness. For the food container, uses 0.03mm~0.20mm thick 8011 aluminum foil. For the cap closures such as ROPP, use 8011-h14 aluminum sheet of 0.16-0.25 mm thickness.
aluminium plate price in Pakistan
Features of 8011 Aluminium Sheet Roll: Excellent deep drawing, processability, formability, surface treatment effect, higher yield than other alloys. Here, Mingtai 8011 aluminum sheet roll has clean surface, Level A wettability, no pinholes and other defects, and stable performance.
Mechanical Properties:

Alloy Temper UTS(Mpa) Elongation(%) Earing
8011 H14 140-160 ≧2 ≦2

aluminium plate price in Pakistan
Specific Applications: aluminum PP Caps, aluminum flip off seals, Pilfer Proof Caps, ROPP, alcohol/ wine Screw Caps, beverages Omnia jar caps, pull-off caps, Pharma injection vial seals, etc.
Pakistan 8011 Aluminium Plate Price:
In addition to the complete supply of 8011 alloy foil sheet, Mingtai 8011 aluminium plate price in Pakistan is also very preferential ! Here, Mingtai Aluminum Group is a large supplier and factory, so we can save 30% of the cost for the purchasers ! Come to get best price !
aluminium plate price in Pakistan

Pakistan 1050 Aluminium Plate Price

1050 aluminum plate is also popular in Pakistan. 1050 aluminum with 99.5% Al content belongs to typical pure aluminum alloy. So It retains pure aluminum’s softness, silvery white luster, lightness, and excellent ductility, machinability, plasticity, surface treatment effect, etc.

in Pakistan, 1050 aluminum plate is widely used for printing PS plate, signage, aluminum composite panel (ACP), heat sink, soft connection of lithium battery, reflection plate, lighting, etc. The common temper are H14, H18, H12, O (annealed), etc.

Most notable, the Pakistan 1050 aluminium plate price is most economic ! So here, If you are looking for aluminium plate in Pakistan, then don’t hesitated to contact us to get the best price ! Come on !


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