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8011 h14 Aluminum Closure Sheet

Loading Port: Tianjin/Qingdao, China
Sample: A4 Sized
Payment Terms: L/C,D/P,T/T
Delivery time: Within 15-30 Days
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8011 h14 Aluminum Closure Sheet for Bottle Cap:

8011 h14 aluminum closure sheet is the typical raw material of bottle cap, such as ROPP, alcohol/ wine screw caps, beverages Omnia jar caps, pull-off caps, oral liquid, injection vial seals, etc. The common thickness includes 0.16-0.25 mm. As for h14 of 8011 aluminium closure sheet foil, it refers to the strength and performance under the h14 temper state obtained, after processing and hardening. It’s a commonly used state, and 8011 h4 aluminum foil sheet shows high deep drawability, sufficient strength, low ear-making rate, and better mechanical properties. So It becomes the perfect raw material for aluminum closures of the bottle cap.
8011 h14 Aluminum Closure Sheet

Mechanical Properties of 8011 h14 Aluminum Closure Sheet:

Alloy Temper UTS(Mpa) Elongation(%) Earing
8011 H14 140-160 ≧2 ≦2
Element Si Fe Mn Cu Mg Cr Zn Ti Each Total Al
Content 0.5~ 0.9 0.6~ 1.0 ≦0.2 ≦0.1 ≦0.05 ≦0.05 ≦0.1 ≦0.08 ≦0.05 ≦0.15 Balance

Specifications & Size Tolerance of 8011 h14 Aluminum Closure Sheet:

8011 Grades Temper Thickness (mm) Surface treatment
H14 0.15-0.25 None
Size Tolerance Thickness tolerance(mm) Width tolerance(mm) Length tolerance(mm)
+/- 0.005 +0.5/- 0 +0.5/- 0

Mingtai 8011 h14 aluminum closure sheet production requirements: Never defects causing surface scratches, rolled marks ,corrossion, as well as stain are not acceptable.
8011 h14 Aluminum Closure Sheet

Packing and Transportation of 8011 h14 Aluminum Closure Sheet:

Packing material: wooden bar, plastic board, hardboard, polyethylene coating paper, polyethylene film, steel strip.
Our 8011 h14 aluminum closure sheet can be handled/ kept carefully and No rust/damage.
About wood packaging material: Fumigation or heat treatment which complied to ISPM15 Standard( all our wood packaging materials must be stamped with ISPM15 and original wood )
We have cooperated with professional fleet and shipping company for more than 10 years, to ensure the safe and punctual delivery of your goods!
8011 h14 Aluminum Closure Sheet

Mingtai 8011 h14 Aluminum Closure Sheet with Preferential Price:

Welcome to Mingtai Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. Mingtai Aluminum is a large China 8011 h14 aluminum closure sheet manufacturer, with rich production experience of 8011 aluminum foil for more than 20 years. There are 3 major production bases, self-built power plants, automation & large-scale equipment, and other convenient conditions. So the price of Mingtai 8011 aluminum closure sheet foil is 30% lower than that of competitors! It’s very preferential and competitive in the international market! so Just send us an e-mail, or click on the online service, telling us your demands, we will quickly offer a satisfactory quotation for you! Come on!

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