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Marine Grade Aluminum 5052

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Marine Grade Aluminum 5052 Sheet Plate:

Marine grade aluminum 5052 is the perfect alloy material for a yacht for the freshwater lake. Such as the commonly used 5052 h32 aluminum sheet, 5052 O aluminum sheet. In addition, due to its high fatigue strength, 5052 aluminum alloy also is well suitable to make large marine diesel tanks rather than 5083 marine aluminum. Besides, 5052 marine grade aluminium sheet has medium static strength, outstanding corrosion resistance, especially in humid atmospheres, etc.
5052 aluminum plate

Typical Alloy Grade: 5052:

Temper: O, H32, H34, H3*, H22, H24, H2*, H111. H112, H11*, etc.
Specifications: T(1.5-30) X W(1000-3100) X L(1000-13000)mm
Class Certificate: BV /LR /ABS /CCS of Mingtai Marine Grade Aluminum 5052
Characteristic of Marine Grade Aluminum 5052
Strength: under certain conditions, marine-grade aluminum 5052 has a higher fatigue strength advantage than 5083 marine aluminum

Formability: The formability of marine grade aluminum 5052 in the annealing (O) state is good, the H32 and H34 states are second, and the H36/H38 state is not good.

Weldability: Marine grade aluminum 5052 sheet plate can be well adapted to various welding methods, such as Gas, Arc, Electric resistance, Spot and Seam welding, etc. The weld strength can be 90% to 95% of the strength of the base metal.

Other Features: Excellent anti-corrosion, high surface workability, small elastic modulus, no low-temperature brittleness, as well as non-magnetic.
5052 aluminum plate

Practicality of Marine Grade Aluminum 5052:

Marine grade aluminum 5052 is a primary candidate for the failure-sensitive large marine structures, such as tanks of Liquefied natural gas tankers, large marine diesel tanks, etc. In general, It’s widely used for static load parts working in liquid or gas media.

Specifically, 5052 marine grade aluminum sheet plate is the material of first selection in the high-speed ship, express ferries, LNG spherical tank-type fluid reservoirs, hydrofoils, offshore working ships, and yachts, as well as ship’s cable bridge, bottom plating, signs, etc.
5052 aluminum plate

Marine Grade Aluminum 5052 Mechanical Properties:

Alloy Tension(1 KSI ≈ 6.9 MPa) Brinell Hardness Ultimate Shear Stength Endurance”Limit Mod.^** of Elast
Stength,KSI 2″
Ultimate Yield 1/16″Th. 1/2″Th. 500 kg load;10mm ball. KSI KSI KSI×10^***
5052-O 28 13 25 30 47 18 16 10.2
5052-H32 33 28 12 18 60 20 17 10.2
5052-H34 38 31 10 14 68 21 18 10.2
5052-H36 40 35 8 10 73 23 19 10.2
5052-H38 42 37 7 8 77 24 20 10.2

Mingtai Marine Grade Aluminum 5052 5086 5083 Supplier:

Henan Mingtai Al. Industry Co., Ltd as a large marine-grade aluminum sheet manufacturer, supplies marine grade aluminum 5052, 5083, 5086 aluminum sheet with 5 major class certificates. Mingtai aluminum products all have strict testing standards, without cracks, corrosion spots, nitrate traces. And the properties are in line with international standards. The quality is extremely guaranteed! Of course, the Mingtai quotation is truly competitive! So just send an e-mail, or click on the online customer service to contact us, getting a cost-effective aluminum sheet price! Come on!

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