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Aluminum Sheeting for Trailers

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49 x 96 Aluminum Sheeting for Trailers

49 x 96 aluminum sheeting for trailers is mostly Al-Mg aluminum alloy sheet, such as 5083 aluminum sheet, 5052, 5754, 5086, 6061 aluminum alloy sheet, etc. Those aluminium alloy properties show light texture, better corrosion and weather resistance, high fatigue strength, good weldability, etc. So it will replace the traditional steel material for trailers. And for 49 x 96, is the commonly used specification of aluminum sheeting for trailers, which is 49 inches wide, 96 inches long. Of course, 48” x 96” is also equivalent to 4 x 8 in feet. Here, the thickness/ widths/ lengths of aluminum sheeting for trailers are customizable, according to your various demands.
Aluminum Sheeting for Trailers

Diamond Aluminum Sheeting for Trailers

In addition, we also supply the hot-selling 4 x 8 aluminum diamond plate, as aluminum chequer plate flooring for trailers. such as floors of cargo trailers, delivery van, caravans, truck bed, etc. Diamond aluminum sheeting for trailers makes the floor shine like one diamond after another. It’s highly decorative, and also increases skid resistance. Certainly, a diamond tread plate as aluminum trailer siding sheet/ aluminum side panels is also the best. It is very sturdy and wear-resistant, so it does exert outstanding protection. There are not only 4 x 8 width and length sizes, but also 4 x 10, 4 x 12, 5 x 10, 24’ x 36’ , etc. The specifications of diamond aluminum sheeting for trailers also can be customized. Besides, the surface pattern of the diamond, big 5 bars, small 5 bars, 3 bars, 2 bars is up to you. We can meet your requirement of an aluminum checkered plate to the greatest extent!
Aluminum Sheeting for Trailers

Mingtai Aluminum Sheeting for Trailers

As we all know, the aluminum alloy sheet has become a necessary trend for the manufacture of lightweight automobiles including trailers. And aluminum sheeting for trailers has lightweight, high strength, better workability and formability, good weldability, strong corrosion and weather resistance, no low-temperature brittleness, easy to clean, long service life, and other characteristics. Here, Mingtai Aluminum as one of the large china aluminum sheet suppliers produces aluminum sheeting for trailers covering 1-8 series aluminum alloy. It’s the first company to obtain SGS certificates for automotive use, and BV/ LR/ ABS/ CCS class certificates.,etc The quality is guaranteed! So if you are interested in our aluminum alloy sheets, then consult us to get the best price! Come on!

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