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4 x 10 Aluminum Sheet Metal

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4 x 10 Aluminum Sheet Metal

4 x 10 aluminum sheet metal has standard sizes of 4 x 10, and longer than 4 x 8. In fact, “4 x 10” refers to 4 feet width, and 10 feet length, as well as about 1220mm x 3000mm in metric unit. Due to its flexible specs, 4×10 aluminum sheet can well be bent, cut, processed, formed and so on. Therefore, aluminum sheet 4×10 is widely used for building, manufacturing, as well as transportation such as boat, ship’s offshore gangway, truck bed, marine fuel tank, etc.

4×10 Aluminum Sheet 1050 5005 Metal Plate

As we know, aluminum sheet metal can be divided into 1-8 series grade according to different alloy composition. So here, there are complete 4×10 aluminum sheet metal available in alloy grades, temper, thickness and other custom needs for your choice !

4 x 10 aluminum sheet metal

1050 Alloy 4×10 Aluminum Sheet Metal

Such aluminium 1050 h14, and other 1050 grade metal sheet is typical 1 series pure aluminum alloy. So, 1050 alloy metal retains pure aluminum silvery white luster, light texture, as well as excellent ductility, workability, plasticity, thermal conductivity, surface treatment effect and other advantages. In practice, versatile 1050 alloy 4×10 aluminum sheet metal is perfect material of PS plate, CTP, aluminum composite panel (ACP), signage, heat sink, reflection plate, lamps and lanterns, etc.
4 x 10 aluminum sheet metal

5005 Grade 4×10 Aluminum Sheet Metal

5005 aluminum alloy is also common in 4×10 aluminum sheet metal. 5005 aluminum metal sheet belongs 5 series anti-rust Al-Mg alloy. It has excellent anodizing effect, corrosion resistance, weldability, workability, formability, and highly cost-effective. Therefor, 5005 grade 4×10 aluminum sheet is ideal material of wide curtain wall panel, building decoration, vehicle interior materials, instrument panel, license plate material, oxide material, equipment components and other manufacturing.

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4 x 10 aluminum sheet metal

Large Supplier of 4×10 Aluminum Sheet Metal

Welcome to Mingtai Aluminum Group ! Mingtai Group is a large supplier of 4×10 aluminum sheet metal in global market. Of course, there are not only 4 x 10 aluminum sheet, but also complete aluminum metal available in various types, grades, temper, thickness, other size, surface patterns, etc. Besides, we can also customize it for you ! So, If you are looking for aluminum sheet metal products, don’t hesitated to contact us! Getting best price ! Come on !

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