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2mm Aluminium Sheet Price in India

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2mm Aluminium Sheet Price India

Here are the prices of 2mm aluminium sheet in India, including the price of 6061-T6 grade alloy, as well as 1050, 3003, 5754, 5086, 8011 and other alloy sheet. In general, 2mm aluminium sheet price in india is moderate. This is because the 2mm thick aluminium sheet is a mature product with a universal size. However, for the thinner aluminum sheet, the higher the price in fact. Here, we provide you with some references for India 2mm aluminum sheet price. Let’s see !
2mm aluminium sheet price in india

6061 1050 Grade 2mm Aluminium Sheet Price in India

6061 Grade 2mm Aluminium Sheet Price India

Such as 6061 t6 aluminum sheet, 6061 grade 5 bar aluminum tread plate, diamond plate, ultra-wide plate, etc. These 6061 series aluminum alloys are popular in India. Of course, there are not only 2mm aluminium sheets, but also 6061 alu alloys available in various types, temper, width, surface patterns, and other customizable thickness,etc
In market, 2mm thick 6061 aluminium sheet price India is slightly higher than other alloy series. As we know, this is due to the best weldability, bright mill finish, higher strength, heavy alloyed, weather resistance and other merits of 6061 aluminum sheet. Meanwhile, 2mm 6061 aluminum plates have widely used in construction, vehicles, ships, manufacturing fields at present. It has superior performance and highly practical !
2mm aluminium sheet price in india

1050 Alloy 2mm Aluminium Sheet Price India

2mm 1050 aluminium sheet price India is lower than other alloy series. In fact, 1050 aluminum sheet belongs 1 series pure aluminum. So such as aluminium 1050 h14, its production technology is very mature, and the process is simple. Therefore, It’s very economic. At present, 2mm thick 1050 aluminum plate has widely used for building aluminum composite panel (ACP), CTP, battery soft connection, PS plate base, heat sink, signs, lamps, reflector plate and other industrial purposes.
2mm aluminium sheet price in india

2mm Aluminium Sheet Supplier in India with Good Price

Most notable, Mingtai 2mm aluminium sheet price india is very competitive, thanks to its factory direct-price. In fact, Mingtai Al., is not only a large aluminum sheet supplier, but aslo a professional manufacturer in global market. So here, there are 2mm aluminium sheets with various alloy grades, types, temper, sizes, etc. And the 2mm aluminium sheet price india, can be lower 30% than competitors ! Now, if you are looking for aluminum sheet products, just contact us, then getting best price ! Come on !


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