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5754 h111 Aluminum Alloy

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5754 h111 Aluminum Alloy

5754 h111 aluminum and 5754 H114 aluminum are the common alloy in tread plates. For the h111 tempered 5754 aluminum sheet alloy, exhibits high strength, excellent corrosion resistance, anodizing property, surface treatment effect, cold workability, weldability, etc. Of course, that due to some work hardening imparted by shaping processes, but less than required for H11 temper. Therefore, 5754 h111 aluminum is widely used for tread plate, flooring, vehicles, shipbuilding, wind internal, weldments, structures, and various fields.
5754 h111 aluminum

5754 h111 Aluminum Characteristics

Corrosion Resistance
5754 h111 aluminum as typical 5 series Al-Mg alloy, also has better corrosion resistance, especially in seawater and industrially polluted atmospheres.
As for the weldability of 5754 h111 aluminum, is well suitable for Gas and Arc methods. It also has excellent resistance against stress cracking.
Other Features
On the whole, 5754 h111 aluminum is less alloyed (highest composition % of aluminium), but only by a small amount. Besides, 5754 h111 aluminum has higher strength than 6061. but it has better ductility and outstanding surface treatment effect.
5754 h111 aluminum

5754 h111 Aluminum Properties

The Mechanical Properties of 5754 h111 Aluminum

Alloy & Temper Thickness (mm) YS, Rp0.2 (MPa) UTS, Rm (MPa) Elongation A50, (%) Hardness Brinell Bend Radius
180° 90°
5754-H111 > 0.5 to 1.5 80 190 – 240 14 44 HB 0.5 t 0.5 t
> 1.5 to 3.0 80 190 – 240 16 44 HB 1.0 t 1.0 t

The Physical Properties of 5754 h111 Aluminum

Property Value
Density 2.66g/cm³
Melting Point 595-645°C
Thermal Conductivity 147W/m. K
Thermal Expansion 24×10¯ ⁶/°C
Resistivity 49nΩ.m
Modulus of Elasticity 68GPa
Modulus of Rigidity 26.5GPa

5754 h111 aluminum

Applications of 5754 h111 Aluminum Alloy

5754 h111 aluminum alloy is typically used in:
~ Tread plate ( shows the beautiful surface patterns of diamond/ big 5 bar/ small 5 bar/ 3 bars,etc. )
~ Wind internal
~ Sound barriers
~ Vehicle bodies (including tank truck, trailer, automobile,etc)
~ Rivets
~ Fishing industry equipment
~ Food processing and Pressure vessel
~ Decoration materials, appliance, cosmetics anodizing, cans closures, various welding and structural parts

5754 h111 Aluminum Technical Parameters

Elements Mg Mn Fe Si Cr Zn Cu Ti Others Al
Content 2.6~3.6 0.5 0.4 0.4 0.3 0.2 0.1 0.05 0.05 Remain
Typical Alloy 5754 Aluminum
Material Temper H111
Alloy Types Sheet, Plate, Tread plate, Coil, Tread coil
Surface Pattern Plain, Diamond, Big 5 bar, Small 5 Bar, 3 Bar, 2 Bar, Single Bar
Thickness (mm) 0.1-500
Width (mm) 20-2650
Length (mm) Customize
Typical Product Tread plate, Wind internal, Sound barriers, Shipbuilding, Transportation, Decoration materials, structural parts, etc

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