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5×10 Aluminum Sheet for Sale

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5×10 Aluminum Sheet

5×10 aluminum sheet, as well as 5’x 10’ (5 feet x 10 feet) aluminum sheet, all is aluminum sheet with 1.5m width and 3m length. In practice, 5×10 aluminum sheet is common in marine grade aluminum. Of course, It’s also versatile material of general use. So here, we supply 5×10 aluminum sheets covering 1-8 series alloy. Such as 5086-H116 marine grade aluminum sheet, as well as 1100-H14, 6061, 3003-H24 aluminum sheet,etc. Next, let’s find out quality 5×10 aluminum sheet with better price !
5x10 aluminum sheet

5×10 Aluminum Sheet for Sale

5×10 Aluminum Sheet 5086-H116 Grade

5086-H116 grade 5×10 aluminum sheet can make boat well. Under the H116 temper, 5 feet x 10 feet 5086 aluminum sheet is obtained adequate mechanical properties, and excellent corrosion resistance of spalling. So, Its strength is stronger than another 5086-O marine aluminum. And the common thickness is 3-200mm. Most proudly here, our Mingtai 5086 marine grade aluminum sheet has obtained CCS, ABS, BV, LR class certification. The quality is guaranteed!

5×10 Aluminum Sheet 1100-H14 Grade

1100-H14 aluminum sheet is hot-selling with economical price. For the 5×10 aluminum sheet 1100-H14 alloy is also used for aluminum composite panels (ACP), HVAC, deep stamping parts, nameplate, etc. It shows excellent extension machinability, corrosion resistance, weldability, surface handling, conductivity and heat transfer, etc.
5x10 aluminum sheet

5×10 Aluminum Sheet with Various Thickness

.040 X 5×10 Aluminum Sheet MILL FINISH
.063x5x10 Aluminum Sheet MILL FINISH
.080 X 5×10 Aluminum Sheet MILL FINISH
.090x5x10 Aluminum Sheet MILL FINISH
.0125 X 5×10 Aluminum Sheet MILL FINISH

Mingtai 5×10 Aluminum Sheet Supplier

Welcom to Mingtai aluminum sheet supplier! There are abundant 5×10 aluminum sheets available in alloy grades, temper, thickness, types, surface patterns, as well as preferential price!As following:

Alloy Series Typical Grades Temper Surface Types Thickness Typical Application
1 series 1100, 1060, 1050, 1070,etc O, H1*, H2*, H3*, H11*, F, etc Plain, Tread (diamond, big 5 bars, small 5 bars, 3 bars, 2 bars ) 0.1-500mm Industry
3 series Al-Mn 3003, 3004, 3105, 3005,etc Manufacture,Construction
5 series Al-Mg 5086, 5083, 5052, 5754,etc Marine,Automobile
6 series Al-Mg-Si 6061, 6063, 6082,etc Molds,Welding parts

5x10 aluminum sheet

The Price of 5×10 Aluminum Sheet

In market, the price of aluminum sheet, including 5×10 aluminum sheet, is composed of aluminum ingot price and factory processing fee. There are big differences in fact. So, It’s so wise to ask the price to the professional supplier. I have to recommend Mingtai Aluminum Group for you. It’s not only a aluminum sheet supplier, but also a large manufacturer. So there is factory direct price. The price of 5×10 aluminum sheet is really preferential ! Don’t hesitated, just contact now ! Come on !


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