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Automobile hood aluminum plate compared with steel plate

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Automobile hood aluminum plate compared with steel plate:

The hood is an important part of the car. In cars, the hood plays an important role in protecting the engine and peripheral components, assisting driving vision, reducing airflow effects, and preventing accidents. The design of the hood is also an intuitive manifestation of vehicle value. At present, the automobile hood on the market is made of aluminum alloy and steel plate, and aluminum alloy is mostly 5182 aluminum plate. Which of these two materials is better?

5182 aluminum plate

Advantages of aluminum plate for car hood:

The material of the hood of the car requires high energy absorption capacity and weak strength to ensure the safety of pedestrians in an emergency. The aluminum plate absorbs twice as much energy as the steel plate, which is beneficial to reduce the damage of the car to the pedestrian’s head during the collision process, and has a good protection for pedestrians.
At present, more and more car manufacturers use the 5182 aluminum plate to make the car hood. The main reasons are as follows. Let’s take a look.
1.5182 aluminum plate stamping effect is good, processing performance is good. The 5182 alloy sheet can be used for the door, hood and front and rear fenders of the car. From the market feedback, the processing performance and stamping effect of the 5182 alloy aluminum plate performed well, and the aluminum plate was punched without cracking.
2. 5182 aluminum plate is light in weight and can reduce the weight of the car. The density of aluminum is about 1/3 of that of steel plates. It is also used to make automobile hoods. It can reduce the car’s own weight and fuel consumption, reduce environmental pollution, and follow the development trend of automobile lightweight while ensuring the safety performance of automobiles.
3. Aluminum alloy has high recovery, energy saving and environmental protection.

5182 aluminum plate

Mingtai Aluminum supplies high quality 5182 aluminum sheet:

The 5 series aluminum plate is the advantage product of Mingtai Aluminum. The thickness of the 5182 aluminum plate supplied by the company is 0.15-600mm, the width is 20-2650mm, the length is 500-16000mm, the board surface is smooth and smooth, and the aluminum alloy hood manufactured by it has high gloss. The appearance is beautiful, and it is easy to weld, and the punching performance is good, preve
nting the phenomenon of cracking and forming in the later stage.
5182 aluminum plate is ming tai aluminum is one of the best-selling products, aluminum plate belongs to Al – 5182 Mg – Si alloy, using a wide range, Ming tai production of 5182 aluminum alloy good corrosion resistance, good weldability and cold workability is good, and with moderate intensity and is widely used in automotive lightweight with aluminum, aluminum products through the SGS automotive quality management system certification, quality meet the national requirements, the indicators provide the original factory warranty, quality, can rest assured purchase.

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