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Mingtai Tanker Aluminum Plate cooperates with many companies

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Mingtai Tanker Aluminum Plate cooperates with many companies

In recent years, China’s aluminum and aluminum alloy applications have become more and more extensive, regardless of rail transit, household appliances, wire rivets, metal molds, building materials can use aluminum alloy. When it comes to the lightweight of tank cars, everyone will think of 5052 aluminum, 5083 aluminum, 5754 aluminum, 5454 aluminum, 6061 aluminum and 6082 aluminum.

Tanker Aluminum Plate

Tanker Aluminum Plate:

A complete tank car body generally needs 4-6 pieces of aluminum plate welded, the most important tank body is made of 5083H111 aluminum plate, the can ends on both sides are made of 5083-O state aluminum plate, the O state is softer, and The can lid needs to be bent, and the partition portion is also in the 5083-O state. In addition, some manufacturers use 5454H111 aluminum plate to produce cans.

Tanker Aluminum Plate

Advantages of aluminum plates for tankers:

First of all, the aluminum plate is light in weight and has a density of only 2.71 g/cm3. Compared with the steel plate, it can greatly reduce the weight, reduce the fuel consumption of the tanker, reduce the exhaust gas emissions, and indirectly protect the environment.
Secondly, the tank aluminum plate is corrosion resistant and fatigue resistant. The 5 series aluminum alloy is a typical rustproof aluminum plate, and the 6 series aluminum plate is also better in corrosion resistance. They all have corrosion resistance which is incomparable with steel. The aluminum alloy is used to make the can body, and the inside can be transported without applying any protective layer. Various liquids or liquefied gases.
Finally, the aluminum alloy plate of the tanker has good safety and high recovery rate. The aluminum alloy plate of the tanker has good electrical conductivity and energy absorption performance. When the collision occurs, since the aluminum alloy has good electrical conductivity, little static electricity is accumulated on the tank body, so sparks are not generated, thereby reducing accidents such as explosion.

Tanker Aluminum Plate

Buy tanker aluminum plate, preferably Henan Mingtai Aluminum

1. Strict management practices. Mingtai Aluminum is the key raw material and implements the 6S management system in production, strictly controlling the production process and ensuring high product qualification rate.
2, sophisticated production equipment. Mingtai Aluminum has more than 20 production lines and more than 60 large-scale processing equipments from Germany, Korea, Italy and independently developed. It has a 3300mm wide “1+1” hot rolling production line and a self-developed (1+4) hot connection. The rolling production line realizes the precise customized production of tanker aluminum plates to meet the diversified needs of customers.
3. Advanced production technology. Mingtai Aluminum has a team of 313 technical experts who have never stopped in the process of aluminum sheet metal.
Henan Mingtai Aluminum Industry has continuously improved its production and sales volume of aluminum sheets due to years of market development, process improvement and after-sales service. Tanker aluminum plate has reached cooperation with manufacturers in many places in the country, and the market reputation is good.

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