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Aluminum Sheet 9mm 5083 h112 Properties

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Aluminium 5083 h112 Properties

H112 temper in aluminium 5083 h112 refers to the mechanical properties of 5083 aluminum plate which are further processed after hot machining and forming, so as to obtain the required aluminium 5083 h112 properties. Aluminium 5083 h112 is an aluminum alloy plate for mechanical processing in al-mg 5000 series aluminum alloy. Aluminium 5083 h112 properties include medium strength, good corrosion resistance and weldability, used in all areas from sheet to thick plate. In addition, the tensile strength (250℃MPa) of aluminium plate 5083 h112 is 275-350, the yield strength {500kg force 10mm ball} is 210, the hardness is 65HB, and the elongation is {1.6mm(1/16in) thickness}16. Furthermore, aluminium 5083 h112 conductivity {20℃ (68°F) (%ACS)} is 29, resistivity {20℃ (68°F) m㎡/m} is 0.059, melting point range (° c) is 570-640.

5083 h116 aluminum

5083 h111 h112 h116 Marine Grade Aluminum Plate

Aluminium 5083 h112 vs 5083 h111

Aluminum 5083 h111 refers to the 5083 aluminum plate that has undergone proper processing hardening after final annealing, but the processing hardening degree is not as good as the 5083 aluminum plate with a hardness rating of 1 without additional heat treatment. Therefore, the strength of aluminium 5083 h112 is greater than that of Aluminium 5083 h111. Then Marine grade aluminium 5083 h112 vs 5083 h111 is suitable for structural parts with low hull hardness requirements.

Aluminium 5083 h112 vs 5083 h116

5083 h116 aluminum refers to the 5083 aluminum plate with specified mechanical properties and anti-peeling corrosion properties. From the first paragraph of this paper, we can find that the processing technology of 5083 h116 aluminum is one step more than that of aluminium 5083 h112, which makes the spalling resistance of 5083 h116 aluminum better than that of aluminium 5083 h112. Therefore, for Marine grade aluminium plate used in deep sea, 5083 h116 aluminum is preferred. For Marine grade aluminium plate 5083 h112, it is the best for machining.

5083 h116 aluminum

Mingtai Aluminum Sheet 9mm 5083 h112 Properties

As is known to all, Marine grade aluminum plate has a thickness of 4-12mm, with a common width and length of 2000*6000mm, 1500*6000mm and 2000*8000mm. Add the 5 series aluminum alloy 5083,5086,5052 commonly used for marine grade aluminum. Therefore, 9mm aluminium 5083 h112 plate conforms to the range of marine grade aluminum. It is worth mentioning that mingtai, as one of the first aluminum strip foil enterprises entering the international market in China, has independently developed and put into production the “1+1” and “1+4” hot rolling production lines. At the same time, it also introduced the China fourth ultra-wide 2650mm German smark six-roll cold rolling machine, which made the marine grade aluminum plate of ming-tai aluminum company wider in width, better in shape, more smooth and delicate in surface, and better in anti-corrosion effect, and obtained the certification of CCS China classification society and DNV norske veritas. Mingtai’s aluminium 5083 h112 plate has been successfully used on yachts, cruise ships and other hulls. Its aluminium 5083 h112 and other marine grade aluminum plate products are exported to more than 100 countries and regions on 7 continents, and established long-term cooperation with north American shipyards and southeast Asian shipyards. Mingtai aluminium 5083 h112 is trustworthy in quality. Finally, Mingtai is looking forward to your inquiries !

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