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The 5083 alloy aluminum plate is a relatively high quality aluminum plate of the 5 series aluminum plate, and an alloy aluminum plate with a magnesium element added thereto. The 5252 aluminum plate is conventionally made of 5052 aluminum plate. Nowadays, the 5754 alloy aluminum plate and the 5083 alloy aluminum plate are used in the transportation industry. 5083 aluminum alloy has excellent characteristics, and the product can be applied to the fields of marine vehicles, rail cars, transportation vehicles, architectural decoration and the like.

5083 aluminum plate

Commonly used marine aluminum panels:

China is a country with excellent water transport conditions. With the rapid development of economy and trade, a large number of ships will be required. Therefore, the development of aluminum alloy ships has a broad market. Aluminum alloys for ships can be divided into aluminum alloys for hull structures according to their applications. Aluminum alloy for armor and aluminum alloy for welding. At present, the aluminum alloy used in the ship shell structure is mainly 5083 thick aluminum plate and 5086 anti-rust aluminum plate, and their mechanical properties, corrosion resistance and welding performance are very good. Recently, 5083-O aluminum plates and 5083-h111 aluminum plates have also been used on high-speed boats.

5083 aluminum plate

Common specifications for marine aluminum panels:

The thickness of the board is determined by the hull structure, the ship’s specifications and the location of use. The commonly used sheet has a thin plate of 1.6 mm or more and a thick plate of 30 mm or more. To reduce the weld, a 2 m wide aluminum plate is used, and a large ship uses 2.5m wide aluminum plate, the length is generally 6m.

5083 aluminum plate

5083 aluminum plate manufacturer:

At present, there are not many manufacturers that can produce high-quality 5083 alloy aluminum plates in China. Most of them are production process and production equipment restrictions. There are only a handful of high-quality 5083 alloy aluminum plate manufacturers used in transportation and shipbuilding. Mingtai Aluminum is a domestic High-quality 5083 aluminum plate manufacturers have always been very demanding on product quality.

5083 aluminum plate

Mingtai professional custom 5083 aluminum plate manufacturer

As a leader in the domestic aluminum processing industry, Mingtai Aluminum has advanced production equipment such as roughing mill, finishing mill, quenching furnace, straightening machine and polishing machine. This has laid a solid foundation for Mingtai Aluminum to create high-quality and excellent 5083 aluminum sheets. basis. Mingtai Aluminum’s 5083 marine aluminum sheet has an annual processing capacity of 200,000 tons, which helps Mingtai Aluminum to seize the customer market and has a broad customer base at home and abroad. In 2015, Mingtai Aluminum passed the certification of two major aluminum manufacturers for shipbuilding: CCS (China Classification Society) certification and world-class Norwegian Classification Society (DNV) certification. This is the production of Mingtai Aluminum’s 5083 high quality marine aluminum sheet. With the escort of sales, Mingtai Aluminum will develop better and faster in the future at home and abroad, and have a broader and unlimited upside.
Henan Mingtai Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. is located in the top 3 domestic aluminum plate, aluminum belt and aluminum foil production enterprises. The world’s top ten aluminum, aluminum and aluminum foil manufacturers, Mingtai is a professional custom 5083 aluminum plate manufacturer, can be customized according to customer requirements, is a large-scale aluminum plate manufacturer at home and abroad.

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