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Aluminum plate supplier introduces the basic state of aluminum plate

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Mingtai Aluminum plate supplier introduces the basic state of aluminum plate:

It is well known that aluminum plates have different alloy grades. Many new customers know that they choose different alloy grades according to their needs when choosing aluminum plates, but it is often not clear that the same alloy grades have different states. Customers only know the alloy when buying aluminum plates. I don’t know the status of the aluminum plate. If you encounter a bad business, you may be deceived. The Mingtai technician introduces you to the basic state of the aluminum plate.

Aluminum plate supplier

5 common basic states of aluminum plate:

The basic state of the aluminum plate is divided into five types, namely F, O, H, T, and W. These five states represent the five treatment processes and stages of the aluminum plate. The aluminum plates of different states have great differences in performance and price.

F-state aluminum plate:

The F state is also known as the free processing state. The mechanical and chemical properties of the F-state aluminum plate are not clearly defined. Customers who purchase the F-state aluminum plate generally have special requirements for the performance of the aluminum plate. After the purchase, they will carry out the required work hardening and heat treatment. Mechanical and chemical properties.

O-state aluminum plate:

The O state is also called the fully annealed state, and the O state is not subdivided. The generation refers to the aluminum plate product with the lowest strength only after complete annealing.

Aluminum plate supplier

H-state aluminum plate:

The H state, also known as the work hardening state, represents an aluminum plate that has been hardened by work hardening. The H state has many subdivision states, such as H18 state, followed by 1 and 8, the first digit represents the processing process: 1 is work hardening, 2 is incomplete annealing after processing, 3 is low temperature annealing after processing; second digit Representative hardness: 1-8, 1 lowest, 8 highest.

T-state aluminum plate:

The T state refers to the heat treatment state of the aluminum plate, indicating that the aluminum plate is work hardened to be stable. The T state has a subdivision state, representing different processing processes, from T0 to T10. In the T state, Tx51 represents the elimination of internal stress, such as the T6 state, and after the internal stress is removed, it is expressed as T651.

W-state aluminum plate:

The W state refers to the solution heat treatment state, and the W state is an unstable state, indicating that the aluminum plate is naturally aged at room temperature after solution treatment, and the W state merely indicates that the aluminum plate is in a natural aging stage.

Aluminum plate supplier

Mingtai Aluminum Sheet Supplier:

Mingtai is a large-scale aluminum sheet supplier. After years of technical research, it has built two in-line quenching lines in 2008 and 2010, which are half the time in the production cycle compared with ordinary quenching equipment. Can be delivered to customers faster. In addition, Mingtai has 3000T stretching machine equipment, which can perform 1.0%–3.0% permanent tensile plastic deformation of the sheet in the specified time according to the process demand, and the transition from elastic deformation to plastic deformation can eliminate the quenching. The residual internal stress of the product ensures that the product does not deform during processing, which greatly improves the yield of the product. Mingtai Aluminum has specialized in the production of aluminum foil and foil manufacturers for 20 years. Its 6061 aluminum plate, 6063 aluminum plate, 5052 aluminum plate, 5083 aluminum plate and 5754 aluminum plate are our representative products. Welcome to order.

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