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China 5052 aluminum plate price per kg

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China 5052 aluminum plate al 5052 h34

The alloy composition of China 5052 aluminum plate with different tempers is the same. The first digit after HXX temper Q represents the basic processing procedure for obtaining the temper. H3 refers to the temper of work hardening and stabilization. It is suitable for products whose mechanical properties are stabilized by heat treatment after work hardening or due to heat during processing. H3 temper is only suitable for alloys that gradually soften at room temperature (unless stabilized). The second digit after H indicates the work hardening degree of the product. al 5052 h34 is moderately work hardened.
5052 aluminum plate

China 5052 aluminum plate marine grade

China 5052 aluminum plate has excellent corrosion resistance, especially for salt water. And easy to weld. The high fatigue strength makes it ideal for structures that need to withstand excessive vibration. It also has good operability, making it very useful in molding operations. 5052-h32, extreme corrosion resistance. Due to its light weight, high strength and beautiful appearance, it is very suitable for various marine applications. Marine grade aluminum 5052 can be used in shipbuilding, fuel tank assembly and tubing production.
5052 aluminum plate

China 5052 aluminum plate vs 6061

Regarding al 5052 vs 6061 alloy, China 5052 aluminum plate is a representative product of the 5 series, and 6061 aluminum plate is a representative product of the 6 series.
Regarding the characteristics of al 5052 vs 6061, the 5052 aluminum plate has high market acceptance, skilled processing technology, and stable product performance. It has good forming performance and corrosion resistance, and it is a kind of anti-rust aluminum that is widely used. 6061 aluminum plate has excellent characteristics such as excellent processing performance, good corrosion resistance, high toughness, no deformation after processing, easy coloring film, and excellent oxidation effect.
Regarding the price of al 5052 vs 6061, the price of 6061 aluminum plate is higher than that of China 5052 aluminum plate under the thickness of conventional specifications.
5052 aluminum plate

China 5052 aluminum plate vs aluminum 3003

All aluminum alloy plate products have stable performance. These characteristics are achieved through advanced stable heat treatment processes. When comparing aluminum 3003 vs 5052, it is important to remember that the two aluminum alloys provide their unique advantages based on their intended use. In short, aluminum 3003 vs 5052, China 5052 aluminum plate has higher strength. And provide enhanced corrosion resistance in highly corrosive environments. However, regarding the price of aluminum 3003 vs 5052, aluminum 3003 is cheaper. And it may be a better choice for applications that require lower strength and corrosion resistance.
5052 aluminum plate

China 5052 aluminum plate price per kg

What you care about is the price. How much is China 5052 aluminum plate per kg? This has a certain relationship with its temper, thickness, width and length. Above, we introduced the relevant information of China 5052 aluminum plate, and its thickness and width are within a range. Different users have different needs and different prices. Adhering to the principle of specific analysis of specific problems, users can provide specific specifications and requirements before they can get specific quotes. The price matches the quality and service. If you find some suppliers with very low prices, please note that the performance of the aluminum plate may not meet your requirements.

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