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China aluminum sheet coil thickness classification and range

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China aluminum sheet coil alloy

According to the different content of alloy elements and aluminum elements, china aluminum sheet coil can be divided into eight series.
The representative 1000 series, also known as pure aluminum china aluminum sheet coil. Among all series, the 1000 series is the series with the most aluminum content.
The 2000 series china aluminum sheet coil belongs to aviation aluminum and is not often used in conventional industries.
The most cost effective is the 3000 series. Although the price is a bit higher than the 1000 series, it has more features and is really practical.
The characteristics of the 5000 series are higher than the 3000 series, especially the corrosion resistance. In addition, the processing skills of this series are very mature.
6000 series represents alloy 6061. Mainly contains two elements of mg and si, combining the advantages of 4000 series and 5000 series.
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China aluminum sheet coil thickness

China aluminum sheet coil thickness can be divided into thin, ordinary and thick. In the aluminum industry, china aluminum sheet coil thickness is usually measured in mm. The thickness below 1mm belongs to thin; the thickness between 1mm-8mm belongs to ordinary thickness; and the thickness above 8mm is called thick. This classification is mainly based on processing. For example, the thickness within 8mm can be processed by cold rolling equipment, while the thickness above 8mm must be manufactured using hot rolling equipment.
At aluminum sheet supplier Mingtai, china aluminum sheet coils with thickness ranging from 0.12mm to 500mm are within our capability.
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China aluminum sheet coil advantages

1.Excellent cutting performance
Compared with steel, the cutting speed of china aluminum sheet coil is 4 times faster. Therefore, the use of aluminum alloy materials can shorten the manufacturing cycle of the mold. In addition, it can greatly reduce the wear of cutting tools and extend their service life, thereby reducing production costs and material waste.
2.Low density design
The density is only 1/3 of the density of steel, the aluminum plate is easy to move and transport, and the weight is light.
3.Excellent thermal conductivity
The thermal conductivity is 123w / m · k-170w / m · k, which is 4 times that of steel. Aluminum alloy can effectively shorten the cooling time of components.
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We can provide 2600mm width china aluminum sheet coil

The international standard width of china aluminum sheet coil is 1000, 1200, 1220mm. The market generally defines china aluminum sheet coils with a width of more than 1500 as ultra-wide. The ultra-wide aluminum sheet roll needs to be more than 1mm thick. The six-roll cold rolling mill introduced by Henan Mingtai Aluminum co., ltd. Produces ultra-wide china aluminum sheet with a width of up to 2600m. The alloys are 5052, 6061t6, 5083, 1060, 3003/3004/3104 and so on. Widely used in many fields.
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China aluminum sheet coil with patterns can also be provided

The patterned aluminum sheet is the tread aluminum sheet. Tread aluminum sheet is widely used in decoration, shipbuilding and construction applications. The tread aluminum sheet has good forming, drilling and welding capabilities, is easy to manufacture, and the raised diamond lug pattern has good slip resistance. The specific applications of tread aluminum sheet are vehicles, ships, buildings, factories, decorations, etc.

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