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China 1070 aluminum plate price varies greatly in the market

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China 1070 aluminum plate

China 1070 aluminum plate, which contains more than 99.6% aluminum. It is also called pure aluminum plate. It belongs to a commonly used series in the aluminum plate family. This series of aluminum plate has the following advantages. First of all, it is a commonly used series, especially for industrial use. Second, the production process is relatively simple, the technology is relatively mature, and it is relatively easy to find in the market. Third, the price of 1070 aluminum has huge advantages over other alloy aluminum plates.
1070 aluminum plate

Similarities between China 1070 aluminum plate and 1060 aluminum plate

1060 aluminum plate is the same to China 1070 aluminum plate. They have common points and also differences.
1. 1070 aluminum and 1060 aluminum are all 1 series aluminum alloys, which belong to pure aluminum series.
2. The strength of them is not high, and can be hardened by cold work without strengthening by heat treatment. Adding certain alloying elements to form infinite solid solution or limited solid solution can obtain high strength.
1070 aluminum plate

The differences between China 1070 aluminum plate and 1060 aluminum plate

1. When in O temper, 1070 aluminum is softer than 1060 aluminum plate. The reason is that the higher the aluminum content, the softer the material.
2. The aluminum content of 1070 aluminum plate reaches to 97%, and that of 1060 aluminum plate is 96%.
3. 1060 hot rolled aluminum plate is widely used in busbars, lamps, signs, curtain walls, thermal insulation and other fields; 1070 aluminum is used to manufacture some structural parts with specific properties. Such as 1070 aluminum foil can be made of gaskets and capacitors, wires, and aircraft ventilation systems and decorative parts.
1070 aluminum plate

China 1070 aluminum plate O and H24 temper

From the perspective of the manufacturing process, the O temper aluminum plate is formed by recrystallization after complete annealing. And H24 is the temper of incomplete annealing after work hardening.
In terms of physical properties, the O temper is softer, while the H24 temper aluminum plate is harder than the O state.
In terms of use range, because the O temper aluminum plate is relatively soft, it is easy to bend and deepen. Mainly used in decoration, packaging, and other industries. The H24 has high temper temper and can be drawn, cut and bent. Generally used in curtain wall, mechanical processing and other industries.
China 1070 aluminum plate price per square
China 1070 aluminum plate price is related to some factors. Listed here for your reference.
1. Market aluminum ingot price
If you can, before buying China 1070 aluminum plate, it is best to check the latest aluminum ingot price. The fluctuation of aluminum ingot price in the market is an important factor, which can affect China 1070 aluminum plate price.
2. Competition
Market competition is inevitable. There are always some aluminum plate manufacturers. They want to lower the price of China 1070 aluminum plate to attract customers. Please be careful.
3. Demand
If there are more customers who need to buy China 1070 aluminum plate in the near future, the price of China 1070 aluminum plate may rise.
4. Raw materials
Raw materials are critical. If the quality of the raw materials selected is not good, then the products produced must not meet the needs of people. Similarly, if the price of raw materials changes, China 1070 aluminum plate price will also be affected.

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