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5052 aluminum plate factory detailed interpretation of 5 series aluminum plate

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5052 aluminum plate factory 5 series aluminum plate alloy

The common 5 series aluminum plate products of 5052 aluminum plate factory have many alloys, including 5052 aluminum plate, 5083 aluminum plate, 5086 aluminum plate, 5754 aluminum plate, etc. Although the alloy grades are different, they have both common features and characteristics. 5052 aluminum plate factory briefly talk about their similarities and differences.
5052 aluminum plate

5052 aluminum plate factory introduces their similarities

The 5 series aluminum plate is an Al-Mg alloy, the main element is magnesium, and the magnesium content is between 3-5%. It has strong corrosion resistance, good corrosion resistance, and is not easy to rust; it has good plasticity, that is, ductility, and is easy to process into daily necessities. In addition, the 5 series aluminum plate has a low density, and the weight of the Al-Mg alloy is lower than other series under the same area. Moreover, China 5000 series aluminum plate is one of the more mature aluminum plate series.
5052 aluminum plate

5052 aluminum plate factory introduces their differences

The first is the widely used 5052 aluminum plate

5052 aluminum plate. 5052 aluminum plate is added with Mn, which reduces the tendency of welding cracks and improves the strength of welding and base metal. This alloy has good forming processability, corrosion resistance, and weldability. Fatigue strength is moderate to static strength. The point is that the 5052 aluminum plate is extremely widely used. It is used to manufacture fuel tanks, liquid crystal backplanes, tank materials, door panels, high-voltage switch housings and other fields.
5052 aluminum plate

Followed by the typical marine aluminum plate 5083 aluminum plate

The main component of 5083 aluminum plate is Mg. Aluminum plate factory Mingtai can produce high quality 5083 aluminum plate with anti-skid and anti-rust function. Due to high corrosion resistance, good weldability and medium strength, 5083 aluminum plate is commonly used in ships, automobiles, etc. field. The marine aluminum plates produced by Mingtai Aluminum have ABS, LR, BV, and CCS certifications. The quality of our products is protected by us.
5052 aluminum plate

The third is the 5086 aluminum plate with excellent performance

5086 aluminum plate is widely used in occasions where excellent characteristics are required. For example, corrosion resistance, weldability and medium strength. Weldable parts such as ships and automobiles; pressure vessels, refrigeration devices, TV towers, exploration equipment, transportation equipment, etc. that require strict fire protection.
5052 aluminum plate

Finally, the aluminum plate for automobile 5754

5754 aluminum plate products have better corrosion resistance, excellent processing performance, weldability and easy processing and forming, and are used in interior and exterior wall panels, floor panels, and carriage panels. In foreign countries, 5754 aluminum alloy plates with different heat treatment tempers are the main materials used in the automotive industry (car doors, molds, seals) and the can industry.


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