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Recommend of 5005 Aluminum Plate Manufacturers

At present, some small 5005 aluminum plate manufacturers on the market use the scrap aluminum recovered from the market to shoddy, deliberately disrupting the market at low prices to attract consumers, but the 5005 aluminum materials produced by such manufacturers often do not meet the price. Standard, if the quality of the 5005 aluminum plate manufacturers is purchased because of the low price, the 5005 aluminum properties are not up to standard, and there will be big problems in the future production. When you buy aluminum sheets, you can save some money for a while, but in the end, the losses are often greater. For a high quality 5005 aluminum sheet, how do you choose a good 5005 aluminum plate manufacturers? Here, Mingtai gives you a few points to note.

5005 aluminum plate manufacturers

1. Check the establishment time of 5005 aluminum plate manufacturers. The aluminum sheet industry is a relatively traditional industry and a relatively competitive industry. If the company can achieve good development in the market, then the 5005 aluminum plate and after-sales service produced by these manufacturers will not have much problem, because now is the Internet era, the information is updated very fast, if the company’s 5005 alloy, etc. The quality of the product is not good, the reputation is very poor, then the company’s development will not be too good.

2. Understand the 5005 aluminum plate manufacturers customer group. Just said that the aluminum plate industry is a relatively traditional industry, then, generally large aluminum plate manufacturers will have some stable and well-known customer groups, we know the cooperative customer groups of these suppliers when choosing 5005 aluminum plate manufacturers, if there are many long-term stability Customers, then this 5005 aluminum plate manufacturers should be very reliable and worthy of cooperation.

3. Inspect the quality of the 5005 aluminum plate. Excluding the price factor, just look at the quality of the 5005 aluminum plate to meet your own needs. If you combine the above two points, you will find that these three points of attention can correspond, I believe this 5005 aluminum plate manufacturer must be very good.

5005 aluminum plate manufacturers

Mingtai 5005 Aluminum Plate Manufacturers

Henan Mingtai Aluminum Industry Co.,Ltd is one of 5005 aluminum plate manufacturers, which consists of three main production base, which is located in the industrial gathering area of Huiguo Town, Gongyi City. High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Zhengzhou City and Xingyang Industrial gathering area. It covers an area of 1.3 million square meters, has more than 5,000 employees, 313 national-level scientific research personnel, 10 semi-continuous casting production lines, 14 continuous casting and rolling production lines, 48 other large processing equipment, and total assets of 80. 100 million yuan, 5005 aluminum sheet and other products exported to more than 100 countries and regions on 7 continents, exported to North America, South America, Southeast Asia, Oceania, Middle East, East Asia, Western Europe etc. And with long-term cooperation with large multinational groups such as Samsung and General Electric, it has been recognized by customers around the world.

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