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Mingtai signed more than 100 tons of 5083 aluminum plate

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5053 aluminum plate for heavy truck air reservoir:

Recently, Henan Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd. signed more than 100 tons of 5083 aluminum sheets.For heavy truck air reservoir
As is known, the gas storage cylinder is a gas storage device in an automobile brake system for storing the gas compressed by the air compressor, and is used for braking, whistling and the like of the automobile. The air reservoir comprises a cylinder body and two end caps, wherein the cylinder body is provided with a water discharge joint, and the two end caps are provided with a pipe joint. The automobile air storage cylinder of the prior art comprises an aluminum-magnesium alloy gas storage cylinder and an iron gas storage cylinder. The surface of the aluminum-magnesium alloy material has a coating film, the cleanliness is good, and a dense aluminum oxide protective film naturally formed on the surface can be well. The protective substrate is protected from corrosion, prolongs the service life, and does not require painting. The aluminum-magnesium alloy material is also lightweight and reduces the weight of the body. In view of the above advantages, aluminum-magnesium alloy gas storage cylinders are mostly used in the prior art.

5083 aluminum plate

Customer requirements for 5083 aluminum panels:

The aluminum alloy for the heavy truck air reservoir by the user is a 5083-O-state aluminum-magnesium alloy with a thickness of 2.9mm. The customer’s requirements are produced according to the national standard. The surface of the aluminum plate has no scratches and no spot oil, and the main one is that the tensile is not broken. After the customer used the sample inspection provided by several suppliers, it decided to purchase the 5083 aluminum plate of Mingtai Aluminum. Firstly, Mingtai’s 5083 gas storage tube has a higher elongation rate of aluminum alloy; secondly, the overall performance of the 5083 aluminum alloy is more stable; again, customers need long-term procurement, Mingtai Aluminum’s own production capacity and enterprise scale are large, and the industry reputation is It is better, and the product cost is relatively high, which can meet the multiple requirements of users for quality, supply sufficiency and cost performance.

5083 aluminum plate

How to choose a high quality aluminum sheet manufacturer:

With the expansion of the consumer market, products continue to advance. The sales volume of aluminum coil aluminum plates has been growing rapidly and has been joined by many companies. Therefore, all kinds of aluminum industry are blooming everywhere, so it is especially important to choose a reliable aluminum plate manufacturer. How should we choose?
1. The customer should take a look at whether the manufacturer has “three certificates”: business license, organization code certificate, tax registration certificate, commonly known as “three certificates”. If there are these documents, the customer will look at whether the three types of documents are consistent with the manufacturer, so that the customer is more assured.
2. Is there any registered capital: look at the registered capital of the manufacturer. The registered capital of the enterprise of 10 million yuan is relatively high, the strength is naturally high, and the registered capital is generally not less than 300,000 yuan.

5083 aluminum plate

3, look at the length of business, the length of business hours, you can determine the high and low professional quality of the company, good quality and bad.
4, inventory quantity, look at the manufacturers’ products, whether it is produced by their own manufacturers, to see if there is inventory, enterprises with more than 1,000 tons can be trusted, if low and 100 tons, customers should consider and consider carefully.
5, customer word of mouth, as the saying goes, Jinbei silver cup is not as good as customer reputation, if the manufacturer does not have many users praise, then the manufacturer’s products are not very good, customers should be careful when cooperating.

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