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Marine equipment into the new blue sea of aluminum industry

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Marine grade aluminum is an advanced material for the construction of marine and marine engineering structural components. Marine engineering equipment must face the wind, wave and current impact under extreme sea conditions. To ensure the safety of personnel and equipment, it is required to build materials not only to resist seawater corrosion, but also to withstand pressure and require high strength. These coincide with the excellent characteristics of aluminum alloys – the light weight, strong mechanical properties, and corrosion resistance of aluminum alloys have determined that it has become a new force in the manufacture of marine equipment.


Compared with ships constructed of steel or other materials, ships constructed of aluminum are to be reduced by 15%-20%; data from the China Ships [-0.27% Fund Research] Industry Association shows: when it is of the same strength as steel The weight of the aluminum alloy structure is only 50% of the steel structure.
Aluminum has good corrosion resistance, can reduce maintenance costs such as oiling, and extend the service life – an aluminum alloy ship can be used for more than 20 years, and the steel structure generally needs to be replaced or overhauled in 5-10 years. At the same time, aluminum also has good recovery and can be recycled continuously. The aluminum alloy vessel still has a large residual value even after the expiration of the service life, which is economical and environmentally friendly.


Aluminum has excellent processing and molding properties and is easy to weld. These characteristics determine the appearance of the aluminum alloy vessel is more beautiful, the aluminum elastic modulus is small, and the ability to absorb impact stress is large. In high-speed ferries and luxury cruise ships, the impact resistance of aluminum alloy materials is increased by 30% and the breaking strength is also increased by 13%. With aluminum, shipbuilders can design ships with high speeds, long service life, high load capacity and low maintenance costs.
Aluminum alloy has no low-temperature brittleness and is suitable for low-temperature equipment, such as LNG ships (special ships for ultra-low temperature transportation of liquefied gas), low-temperature equipment for polar survey vessels and refrigerated fishing vessels.
Aluminum is also non-magnetic, making minesweepers, submarines and special-purpose anti-magnetic ships.

Marine Grade Aluminum

Mingtai aluminum, Asia’s largest and China’s top three aluminum sheet suppliers, has more than 20 years of R&D experience on Marine grade aluminum. The 5083 aluminum plate and 5052 aluminum sheet are widely used in the shipbuilding industry. With the advancement of aluminum technology and the changing market demand, powerful aluminum processing enterprises are constantly appearing. To maintain a leading position, it must be better than others. The peers have a more forward-looking vision and more timid decisions. Therefore, Mingtai aluminum is always alert to the “blue ocean turns red” and continues to intensify the development of more blue ocean markets. This “blue sea” contains two meanings: one is an emerging market that has not been explored by domestic companies but has great development potential; the other is high-tech products that are “sparse resources” in both mature and emerging markets. . Opening up the blue ocean market is the “secret” of Mingtai aluminum’s long-standing invincibility.

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