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Mingtai 6061 container aluminum

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Because aluminum alloy can maintain a good performance state at low temperatures, and aluminum does not chemically react with oil, natural gas and other chemical liquefied bodies, and its cost-effective advantages are increasingly recognized by the relevant industry. At present, aluminum sheet has become the mainstream material for container production.
Container aluminum mainly has 6061 aluminum alloy and 6082 aluminum alloy. The aluminum alloy has high strength and good welding performance. Mainly used for interior floor, connecting parts, door sills, forklift rails, ground support beams, top support beams, side aluminum plate lower fixed beams, box corner joints, exterior trim parts, cold dampers, box door frames and box door hinges Wait.

Through continuous trial and application verification, Mingtai Aluminum has optimized the alloy distribution ratio of 6061 aluminum alloy and 6082 aluminum alloy to improve the uniformity of alloy composition and ensure its good internal structure and surface quality to improve. Its subsequent squeezability improves the front and rear uniformity of the welding performance and mechanical properties of the aluminum sheet.

container aluminum

6061 container aluminum performance advantages:

1. 6061 aluminum alloy plate has excellent processing performance and excellent welding performance;
2. 6061 aluminum plate has good electroplating and corrosion resistance;
3. 6061 corrosion-resistant aluminum plate has high toughness and no deformation after processing;
4. 6061 aluminum alloy material is dense and defect free;
5. 6061 corrosion-resistant aluminum plate is easy to polish, easy to paint, and excellent oxidation effect

container aluminum

Mingtai aluminum sheet suppliers strength:

As an old aluminum sheet supplier, Mingtai aluminum has more than 20 years of experience in aluminum sheet production. The 6061 aluminum sheet can be used as a representative product for the company itself. At present, most of the products produced by domestic 6061 aluminum plate manufacturers are dull and dull surfaces, while the 6061-t6 aluminum plates produced by Mingtai Aluminum are bright silver-white surfaces. It is a domestic manufacturer that can produce such bright surface aluminum plates. . Mingtai Aluminum Industry introduces international advanced production equipment, adopts first-class production technology, and strictly controls product quality.

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