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Car environmental protection Fuel tank aluminum 5754 aluminum plate

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In recent years, aluminum alloy has become an important material for manufacturing automobiles, and is also the material of choice for lightweight vehicles. Most of the aluminum alloys used in automobiles are cast aluminum alloys. With the development of various new materials, the rust prevention problem of iron fuel tanks has become the biggest problem of fuel tank quality.

Fuel tank aluminum 5754 aluminum plate

Especially in today’s environmental protection, people are actively exploring the material of higher quality fuel tanks. Fuel tank aluminum is not only in strength. It can meet and have better corrosion resistance than iron and other materials. 5754 alloy is a good material for aluminum for fuel tanks. It has become the first choice for large passenger cars and heavy trucks.
5754 aluminum plate has high corrosion resistance and rust resistance, and the quality is much lighter than iron. It can improve the impact resistance of the fuel tank and improve the service life of the fuel tank. It is much higher than other materials. There are many advantages of Fuel tank aluminum. The handling problem of the tank surface is also an important problem to be solved. Because the phosphating process is relatively simple and the cost is low, in the surface treatment of the fuel tank, Phosphating has been widely used. The reason why phosphating is because of the problem of oil pollution is once again the importance of energy saving and environmental protection. Therefore, aluminum alloy is a suitable choice for Fuel tank aluminum.

Fuel tank aluminum 5754 aluminum plate

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