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Aluminum plate manufacturers supply 5083 marine aluminum plate

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Aluminum alloy has superior corrosion resistance. The surface of the aluminum and aluminum alloy has a layer of alumina film which is incomparably thinner than the flap. This is a natural oxide film formed by oxygen in the air. The thickness of this film formed at room temperature is 2.5~3.0. Nm (25~30A). This film is not only thin and surprising, but also extremely dense, impervious to oxygen, and firmly bonded to aluminum, so that aluminum is no longer subject to corrosion, that is, no aluminum oxide plate, so that after the use of aluminum and aluminum alloy, After treatment and remelting, more than 95% of recycled aluminum can be obtained.

5083 aluminum plate

In today’s increasingly fierce market competition, Mingtai 5083 marine aluminum plate can continue to sell well, which is the user’s affirmation of the performance and quality of its products. Mingtai Aluminum relies on technological innovation to develop and continuously win the market with high-quality products. DNV Norwegian marine aluminum plate enters the international market for passes.
In recent years, Mingtai Aluminum aims at the international and domestic markets, based on the development and development of high starting point, high quality and high value-added products. The 5083 aluminum plate belongs to the 5-series alloy and is one of the key products of the 5-series aluminum plate. The main alloying elements of the 5083 aluminum plate are Magnesium and silicon, the products have high corrosion resistance, good weldability, medium strength, and are widely used in the manufacture of transportation vehicles, ship sheet metal parts, instruments, hardware products and electrical enclosures. Compared with other aluminum products, the corrosion resistance of the 5083 aluminum plate is an important reason for its wide application. Therefore, the 5083 aluminum plate has also become a “rustproof aluminum plate”.

5083 aluminum plate

Due to the hot sale of 5083 aluminum plate, Mingtai Aluminum has increased the production of 5083 marine aluminum plate and strictly controlled the product technology of 5083 aluminum plate. Through alloy composition determination, casting process optimization, homogenization heat treatment and rolling process test, Mingtai’s 5083 marine aluminum sheet performance is comparable to foreign materials, meeting user requirements, especially to meet the processing needs of complex parts such as marine aluminum sheets and rail transit. Increased, the application prospects are extremely broad.

5083 aluminum plate

Mingtai Aluminum Industry must unswervingly take the road of high quality development of “three has one”. First, we must tie the standards of real technology, improve the technology level with innovation, manage the innovation and solidify the management foundation, create new experiences and new models, and make Mingtai products a good product that all users can trust and trust in their hands. Second, we must strengthen the construction of service brands, control the development trend of the industry and the trend of competition, and win global users with high-quality, high-performance products and quality services. Third, we must always maintain a spirit of gluten, a passion, and a sober, no matter what difficulties are encountered, we must do our best to make our products the best.

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