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5052 aluminum sheet price how to calculate

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Henan Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd., 5052 aluminum plates vary in size, thickness and thickness, and thousands of specifications. So how is the price of 5052 aluminum plate calculated? Mingtai Aluminum is the manufacturer of 5052 aluminum plate. The sales of 5052 aluminum plate has reached 1 million tons so far. How to calculate the price of 5052 aluminum plate? The current price of aluminum ingot + processing fee, It is possible to calculate the price of the 5052 aluminum plate. The following 5052 aluminum plate manufacturers specifically say that there are three major factors related to the 5052 aluminum sheet price factor.


1, aluminum ingot price affects 5052 aluminum sheet price

As we all know, the price of aluminum ingots fluctuates every day. Therefore, the price of the 5052 aluminum sheet manufacturers for the same specification of aluminum sheet products will also change with the fluctuation of the price of aluminum ingots. For example, the price of aluminum ingots in X month is 10,960, and today’s price is 9900. If you buy 5052 aluminum sheets now, the price of 5052 aluminum sheet per ton is at least 1060 yuan cheaper.


2, processing costs affect 5052 aluminum sheet price

The processing cost per ton of products with different alloy numbers is different. Even aluminum plates of the same model specification may have different costs when they are inquired by several different aluminum plate manufacturers. This is related to the equipment capacity, product quality and other cost of the 5052 aluminum sheet manufacturer.


3, freight

For large-scale aluminum industrial products, logistics and transportation is an important part of the sales of aluminum plates. The length of transportation and the quantity of goods affect the calculation of the freight rate of aluminum plates.
Of course, it is not only the 5052 aluminum sheet price, the 6061 aluminum plate, the 1060 aluminum plate, the 5083 aluminum plate and other models are calculated according to the above calculation method. The aluminum alloy industry is engaged in the aluminum processing industry for 21 years. Professional 5052 aluminum plate manufacturer, “1+1″ ‘1+4” hot-tie production line, the surface of the 5052 aluminum plate produced has no peeling, bubbles, rough surface and local mechanical damage, and the surface of the aluminum plate has no cracks and no corrosion spots. And nitrate traces, please contact us at 5052 aluminum sheet price.


Henan Mingtai Aluminum 5052 aluminum plate quality and cheap

1, the price is affordable: Mingtai aluminum plate manufacturers’ 5052 aluminum sheet price is affordable, the purchase is more cost-effective;
2, high quality: the 5052 aluminum plate produced is smooth and clean, with good molding processing performance and corrosion resistance;
3, Mingtai aluminum aluminum plate rarely produces 5052 ultra-wide aluminum plate manufacturers, the production of 5052 aluminum plate width reaches 2600mm
In short, which aluminum plate manufacturer’s 5052 aluminum plate is of high quality and low price? Of course, it is the Henan Mingtai Aluminum Company. The strength of the aluminum plate manufacturer is strong, and the quality of the aluminum plate produced by you is guaranteed, providing customers with higher economic benefits. Welcome to inquire at any time.

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