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5G base station aluminum | What is 5G?

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What is 5G?

First of all, what is 5G? Simply put, 5G is the fifth generation of communication technology. Three major features of 5G: large bandwidth, low latency, and all things connected. At present, the fastest 4G mobile network provides a network speed of about 45Mbps (megabits per second), compared to 5G.
Let’s just say that the biggest feature of 5G is a word compared to 4G, fast! Downloading a high-definition movie over a 5G network takes only a few seconds. Of course, there are still many characteristics, such as low latency. This game player knows that this is crucial for the development of intelligent fields such as Internet of Things, drones, telemedicine, virtual reality, and driverless. It can be said that the application prospects Very broad.


5G realizes the Internet of Everything

1G realizes analog voice communication. Big Brother can only make calls without screen; 2G realizes digital communication of voice communication, and the function machine has a small screen to send text messages; 3G realizes multimedia communication such as pictures other than voice, and the screen becomes larger. The picture is; 4G realizes local high-speed Internet access, big screen intelligent machine can watch short video, but the signal in the city is good, the signal of the old home is poor. 1G~4G is aimed at more convenient and quick communication between people, and 5G will realize the connection of anytime, anywhere, and everything, so that humans dare to expect to participate in the same way with all the things on the earth through live broadcast.


What 5G can bring is more of new business that we can’t predict. For example, 5G will provide more intelligent video and higher energy efficiency for driverless cars, augmented reality AR/virtual reality VR, drone work group, etc., making the city more intelligent Internet of Things. It also brings new opportunities to the traditional industry. For example, the construction of 5G base stations will use various aluminum profiles, such as aluminum plates, aluminum castings, aluminum communication towers, etc.
In general, if you are a gamer, then with 5G, the delay between pressing the controller button and displaying the effect on the screen will be shorter. Video playback on mobile terminals is faster and more stable. Video chat quality will be clearer and smoother.


5G base station drives the development of aluminum processing

With the advent of the 5G era, 5G will affect global development. The construction of 5G base stations will also drive the development of the aluminum processing industry. For example, the antenna’s launching units are generally made of copper, aluminum or aluminum alloy, antenna substrates, and 5G base stations. Made of aluminum plate and aluminum alloy. Mingtai Aluminum is a large aluminum processing manufacturer that can provide customers with 5G base station aluminum.

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