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6101 aluminum alloy plate for new energy vehicle charging stations

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With the increasing global emphasis on environmental protection and sustainable development, new energy vehicles have become the trend of future travel. As the core infrastructure of new energy vehicles, charging piles are crucial for the user experience and safety of vehicles, and the selection of materials for manufacturing charging piles is particularly crucial.

6101 aluminum alloy plate is a high-strength and corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy material with light weight, excellent conductivity and corrosion resistance. It is widely used as high-strength conductive materials and bus conductors. At present, it is mainly used as a new energy charging station and conductive board in the field of new energy.

Introduction to 6101 Aluminum Alloy Plate

6101 aluminum alloy plate has good strength, weldability, and excellent conductivity, and has been widely used in high-strength conductive materials and busbar conductors in recent years. At present, it is mainly used for new energy vehicle charging piles and conductive plates.
6101 aluminum alloy plate is an alloy containing aluminum, magnesium, and silicon, which has high strength and rigidity, as well as good plasticity and corrosion resistance. This material has excellent mechanical and processing properties, which can meet the requirements of charging piles in complex environments and various working conditions.

Technical specifications for 6101 aluminum alloy plate

Typical alloys Temper Thickness(mm) Width(mm) Length(mm) Application
6101 T6,T4,T451,F,O,H112 0.5-500 100-2600 500-16000 busbar conductors

Performance advantages of 6101 aluminum alloy for automotive charging stations

6101 aluminum alloy plate belongs to the aluminum magnesium silicon series alloy, which has moderate strength, good bending forming performance and conductivity. Its various properties meet the requirements for the use of new energy vehicle charging piles.
1.lightweight characteristics of 6101 aluminum alloy make charging stations more convenient and flexible. Using 6101 aluminum alloy plate as the main material can effectively reduce the weight of the charging station, facilitate installation and maintenance, and also help reduce transportation costs.
2.6101 aluminum alloy has excellent conductivity and can provide stable and efficient charging services. The main function of new energy vehicle charging stations is to provide power battery charging services for vehicles, so their conductivity is crucial. The conductivity of 6101 aluminum alloy plate is high, which can ensure the stability and efficiency of current transmission, thereby improving charging speed and efficiency.
3.6101 aluminum alloy also has good corrosion resistance and can adapt to various harsh environmental conditions. In outdoor environments, charging stations face erosion from various factors. The charging station made of 6101 aluminum can effectively resist these corrosion factors, extend its service life, and also reduce maintenance costs.

6101 Aluminum Alloy Plate Manufacturer

Mingtai Aluminum has rich experience and advanced technology in the research and production of aluminum plates, strips, and foils, and can provide customers with high-quality and stable products. Against the backdrop of the growing market for automotive charging piles, Mingtai Aluminum’s 6101 aluminum alloy has been favored by many charging pile manufacturers due to its excellent performance and reliable quality. These manufacturers choose to cooperate with Mingtai Aluminum to jointly promote the construction and development of electric vehicle charging infrastructure.


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