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5052 aluminum sheet for laptops

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5052 aluminum sheet for laptops:

With the popularity of the Internet, data surveys show that the number of Internet users in China is the highest in the world. The carrier of these information is mobile phones and computers. Laptops are convenient to carry and easy to work with.Coupled with the migration of the Internet to the mobile side, it is not difficult to see the development space of the notebook manufacturing industry.5052 aluminum sheet is used in the manufacture of notebook computers and is favored by customers. Mingtai has established cooperation with many notebook manufacturers.

5052 aluminum sheet

5052 aluminum sheet for laptop case:

According to the data, in 2018, the sales volume of notebook computers in China reached 321.8 million units. Apple, Lenovo, Asus, Thinkpad, Sony, Hewlett-Packard, and Dell, which are the leading brands of notebooks, accounted for half of the market, but these companies have raw materials and products. The technical performance requirements are strict, only to gain the trust and recognition of the market. The appearance of the notebook is made of aluminum alloy 5052 aluminum sheet, and after the spraying, laser engraving and other multi-processes, it presents a beautiful appearance and is consumed. The favor of the people.

5052 aluminum sheet

5052 aluminum sheet for laptop keyboard:

The keyboard of the notebook computer is made of aluminum. Because aluminum has a lower density relative to other metals, it has the advantage of being light and portable. Secondly, aluminum has good oxidation resistance, so it is used on the keyboard of a notebook and has good resistance. Corrosion and rust prevention, aluminum and other metals are relatively cost-effective. The aluminum keyboard material is generally 5052 aluminum sheet. The alloy of the 5 series is hot-rolled aluminum alloy. It is harder than the 1 series and 3 series in hardness. Therefore, the use of the notebook ensures that the appearance of the keyboard will not be deformed. In addition, the aluminum has Very good coloring function, according to the customer’s hobby, the appearance of the keyboard can be customized with colorful and colorful colors, which are very popular among consumers.

5052 aluminum sheet

Advantages on the 5052 aluminum sheet for laptops:

The price of 5052 aluminum sheet is relatively high. Compared with the hardness of aluminum alloy of 1 series and 3 series, it has the advantages of easy coloring, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. Therefore, it is higher in processing cost, because the 5052 aluminum alloy has Very strong hardness, so it is used in the notebook to ensure that the later consumers are not deformed during use and resistant to impact. The 5052 notebook appearance material has the functions of corrosion resistance, rust resistance, etc., ensuring that the service life of the notebook will not be scrapped due to appearance damage.

5052 aluminum sheet

Mingtai 5052 aluminum sheet:

5052 alloy aluminum is one of the most widely used alloy aluminums on the market. It is precisely because of this that Henan Mingtai Aluminum is constantly researching new products to meet the needs of the market and promoting the development of aluminum processing. Mingtai Aluminum It has established good cooperative development relationship with excellent enterprises such as Apple, Hewlett-Packard and Samsung. The 5052 aluminum sheet notebook material produced by Mingtai is favored by computer manufacturers.

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