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5052 aluminum sheet factory 5052 alloy element

The main alloy element of 5052 aluminum sheet factory 5052 is magnesium, and then a small amount of metal alloy is added. These are also the influencing factors of aluminum 5052 material properties, so that it has forming processing performance, corrosion resistance and weldability. Used in fuel tanks, oil pipes, and sheet metal parts and stamping parts of rail transit, vehicles, ships and yachts; various lamp brackets, industrial rivets, hardware products, electronic accessories, mobile phone housings, household appliance housings, etc.
5052 aluminum sheet

The physical properties of 5052 aluminum sheet factory 5052

Physical properties include density, tensile strength, yield strength, etc. 5052 aluminum sheet factory introduces aluminum 5052 material properties from these aspects.
Regarding the physical aluminum 5052 material properties, the density is 2.68kg/m3; the tensile strength (σb) 170-305MPa; the conditional yield strength σ0.2 (MPa) ≥65; the elastic modulus (E) 69.3-70.7Gpa; annealing The temperature is 345°C.
5052 aluminum sheet

5052 aluminum sheet factory introduction 5052 tempering

Here, 5052 aluminum sheet factory shares with you the tempering of 5052 aluminum sheet.
1. Homogenizing tempering: heating 440℃; heat preservation 12-14h; air cooling.
2. Quick tempering: heating 350-410℃; holding time 30-120min; air cooling or water cooling.
3. High temperature tempering: heating 350-420℃; when the thickness of the finished product is ≥6mm or <6mm, the holding time is 2-10min or 10-30min; air cooling. 4. Low temperature tempering: heating 250-300℃ or 150-180℃, holding time is 1-2h, air cooling. 5052 aluminum sheet

5052 aluminum sheet factory divides its use according to thickness

Uses of thin 5052 aluminum plate: aluminum alloy for automobiles, 3C products, computer supports, curtain wall panels, oxide materials, cans/covers, shutters, trolley boxes, aluminum furniture, door panels/door handles, signs, decoration, etc.;
Thick 5052 aluminum plate uses: silo, flange material, GIS shell, yacht, underwear mold/shoe mold, gas cylinder, precision machining, etc.;
Here, 5052 aluminum sheet factory separately introduces the application of 5052-h32 aluminum sheet in the field of automotive aluminum. It is mainly used for automobile engine outer panel, bus trunk panel, anti-skid decorative panel for bus, aluminum plate for automobile fuel tank, etc.
5052 aluminum sheet

5052 aluminum sheet factory Mingtai production control

5052 aluminum plate is an important product of 5 series. Therefore, 5052 aluminum sheet factory Mingtai has set up precise production control and strict quality inspection to ensure that the products are mature in technology and superior in performance.
During quality inspection, 5052 aluminum sheet factory Mingtai conducted precise inspections on the three key indicators of 5052 aluminum sheet. One is the small organization and uniform performance. Especially for ultra-thick plates, the performance in the thickness direction is required to be uniform, and Aluminum Sheet Manufacturer must control that there is no large performance fluctuations. For medium-thick plates and thin plates, there can also be no large performance fluctuations in length and width; the second is higher dimensional accuracy. Mainly include thickness accuracy and width accuracy, especially the most difficult and strict thickness accuracy will directly affect the performance and subsequent processing; third, the shape is good. The plate shape includes straightness and plate convexity. Because the two have a great influence on the subsequent processing and are irreversible.

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