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Application of 5052 aluminum plate in home appliance automobile industry

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5052 aluminum plate appliance application:

Aluminum alloy has many excellent properties and is widely used in home appliances, transportation vehicles, ships, construction and other fields. The main alloying element of 5052 aluminum plate is magnesium, which has good forming processability, corrosion resistance, weldability and medium strength. This alloy is usually used as the material of choice for refrigerator inner liner.

Household appliances aluminum

As we all know, the refrigerator is a kind of refrigeration equipment that maintains a constant low temperature, an important equipment for storing food and keeping the items fresh. If you want to ensure that it has a good cooling effect, the selection of the inner liner is essential. The 5052 aluminum plate has many advantages such as corrosion resistance, water resistance, non-slip resistance and impact resistance. The appearance is rich, bright and easy to clean. It is widely used not only in refrigerators but also in other home appliances.

Household appliances aluminum

5052 aluminum plate automotive application:

Lightweight car is to reduce the overall quality of the car, improve the power of the car, reduce fuel consumption and reduce pollution under the premise of ensuring the strength and safety performance of the car. Lightweight vehicles are helpful in reducing fuel consumption. Research data shows that a 10% reduction in vehicle mass can reduce fuel consumption by 6% to 8%.
In recent years, there have been more and more applications in automobiles. Aluminum alloys have low density and high strength, and can reduce the quality by 60% compared with steel. In addition, China’s aluminum resources are abundant, and aluminum can be recycled again. Therefore, the promotion of aluminum alloys in automobiles is an inevitable trend in the future development of the automotive industry.

Mingtai aluminum sheet

5052 alloy aluminum plate is one of many aluminum plates, because of its high strength (especially high fatigue resistance), high plasticity and corrosion resistance, good corrosion resistance, good weldability, poor machinability, polishing, etc. Limited, in a wide range of uses in life, currently in the home appliances, the automotive industry has achieved good results. As a large-scale modern aluminum plate manufacturer, Mingtai Aluminum can produce 5052 alloy aluminum plate products with different requirements according to different needs of customers.

Automotive aluminum

Mingtai 5052 aluminum plate manufacturer:

Mingtai Aluminum 5052 aluminum plate has many advantages that other manufacturers can’t match. Our company has 6 semi-continuous casting production lines, 10 continuous casting and rolling production lines, and 44 other large processing equipments, with an annual output of 450,000 tons. The 5052 alloy aluminum plate has high plasticity and corrosion resistance. The surface of the aluminum plate has no peeling, no bubbles, no surface roughness and local mechanical damage. The surface of the aluminum plate has no cracks, no corrosion spots and traces of nitrate.
When the company delivers the goods to customers, it will clamp or cover the aluminum plate to ensure that the surface of the aluminum plate is intact and free of scratches. Wrapped in plastic or kraft paper for moisture and rain protection, to ensure that the aluminum plate is clean and free of dirt during transportation. In addition, the wooden support is installed and reinforced with steel strips to avoid collision during transportation and to ensure that the geometry of the 5052 alloy aluminum plate is unchanged. For export products, they are packaged in wooden boxes and brackets with fumigation.

Mingtai Aluminum sheet

Henan Mingtai Aluminum Industry has more than 20 years of experience in the production and processing of aluminum sheets. It has a large-scale production of 5052 aluminum sheets. The company has four large production bases. The company actively introduces advanced technologies and processes, and the technology for producing aluminum sheets is advanced. The quality of the equipment meets the requirements, and the products have passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, which is deeply trusted by users.

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