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3005 Aluminum Plate Advantages You Do Not Know

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Overview of 3005 Aluminum Plate Advantages

1, 3005 aluminum plate belongs to 3 series aluminum plate, the biggest feature of 3005 aluminum plate advantages is its good anti-rust and corrosion resistance. The 3005 aluminum alloy composition includes Mn, Si, Cu, Zn, Fe, Mg, Cr, Ti etc. Due to the addition of Mn, 3005 aluminum alloy has higher corrosion resistance than 1 series aluminum plate, and has good corrosion resistance to atmospheric, fresh water, sea water, food, organic acid, gasoline, neutral inorganic salt solution, etc. 3005 aluminum is often used in the humid environment of air conditioners, refrigerators, car bottoms, food and chemical products processing and storage devices, tanks, tanks and other fields for transporting liquid products.

2, 3005 aluminum plate advantages including 3005 aluminum hardness is about 10% -20% higher than pure aluminum plate, cold processing to improve strength, and its welding performance is excellent. Therefore, 3005 aluminum alloy is also commonly used in building materials, color aluminum sheets, kitchen utensils, various pressure vessels and pipe general objects processed by thin plates, heat sinks, marine materials, battery casings and so on.

3. In the annealed state, the 3005 aluminum plate advantage exhibits high plasticity. In the case of semi-cooling hardening, the 3005 aluminum plate has good plasticity, but the plasticity is low during cooling hardening.

3005 aluminum

3003 vs 3005 Aluminum Plate Advantages

3005 aluminum plate is a kind of aluminum alloy that cannot be strengthened by heat treatment, so the cold working method is used to improve its mechanical properties. Although the strength of this alloy is not very high, it is also higher than that of the 1 series industrial pure aluminum, and the strength is about 20% higher than that of the 3003 aluminum plate, and the corrosion resistance is also better.

The 3003 aluminum sheet has outstanding characteristics of formability and fusion under normal temperature conditions. Therefore, it is required to process parts parts that have good formability and weldability, or that require both these properties and the strength of the 1XXX series alloy. For example, low-load parts used in liquid or gaseous media, such as fuel tanks, gasoline or lube oil pipes, or other small-load parts made with deep drawing.

The 3005 aluminum alloy composition contains a small amount of Cr and Ti, but not in the 3003 aluminum sheet, and its copper content is much smaller than the 3005 aluminum plate, and the amount of Zn is also small, and the contents of other alloy components are basically the same. The tensile strength of aluminum 3005 mechanical properties is 140-180MPa, and the conditional yield strength σ0.2 (MPa) ≥115

3005 aluminum

Mingtai 3005 Aluminum Plate Advantages

1. The handling process is one of Mingtai 3005 aluminum plate advantages. Every worker in Mingtai is gently handled to prevent surface bumps and avoid affecting the appearance of the 3005 aluminum plate.

2. The storage environment is also one of Mingtai 3005 aluminum plate advantages. Mingtai keeps the warehouse dry, bright, well ventilated, non-corrosive climate, and strictly prevents rain, water and snow from invading. When storing it, if necessary, Mingtai put 3005 aluminum plate on the shelf. For large-size 3005 aluminum alloy storage, use the skid to separate from the ground at the bottom, and keep the distance from the ground to more than 10CM to prevent moisture.

3. Mingtai 3005 aluminum alloy is strictly prohibited from being stored together with chemical materials and moist materials during storage.

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