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3003 h22 Aluminum Sheet and Tread Plate

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Sample: A4 Sized
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3003 h22 Aluminum Sheet Alloy:

3003 h22 aluminum has better properties, with highly cost-effective and practical. As for the h22 of 3003 h22 aluminum, refers to the H22 tempering state and the 2 hardening degree obtained, after processing hardening and incomplete annealing of 3003 aluminum. Meanwhile, the strength of 3003 h22 is between annealed (O) and full-hard (H28). Besides, 3003 h22 aluminum properties also show excellent formability, ductility, processability, surface handling, weldability, corrosion resistance, etc. So aluminium 3003 h22 sheet alloy is widely used for architectural decoration, marine/ vehicle transportation, manufacturing, and other fields.
3003 h22 Aluminum sheet

3003 h22 Aluminum Alloy Composition:

Grades 3003 Elements Mn Fe Cu Si Zn Others Al
Temper H22 Content 1.0-1.5 0.7 0.05-0.20 0.6 0.1 0.2 Remain

3003 h22 Aluminum sheet

Mechanical Properties of 3003 h22 Aluminum:

Brinell Hardness 37
Elongation at Break 7.70%
Poisson’s Ratio 0.33
Elastic Modulus 70 GPa  (10 x 106 psi)
Fatigue Strength 71 MPa  (10 x 103 psi)
Shear Modulus 26 GPa  (3.8 x 106 psi)
Shear Strength 81 MPa  (12 x 103 psi)
Tensile Strength: UTS 140 MPa  (20 x 103 psi)
Tensile Strength: Proof Yield 94 MPa  (14 x 103 psi)

3003-h22 Aluminum Tread Plate

3003 h22 Aluminum Diamond Plate:

3003 h22 aluminum diamond plate is a hot-selling product in the 3003 aluminum alloy series. We all know, diamond plate as a tread plate, also known as anti-slip aluminium plate, aluminum floor plate, etc. And 3003 h22 aluminum plate with patterns like one diamond after another, is widely used for construction, vehicles, ships, such as truck beds, gangway, stairs, cold storage flooring, wainscot, platform surface, and various applications. Whatever, 3003 h22 aluminum diamond plate always shows lightweight, highly polished surface, concise, durability, as well as better formability, weldability, skid & corrosion resistance, no low-temperature brittleness, etc.
3003-h22 Aluminum Tread Plate

Mingtai 3003 h22 Aluminum Technical Parameters:

Alloy Grades 3003 Aluminum Alloy
Material Temper H22
Types Sheet, Tread Plate, Plate, Coil
Surface Patterns Plain & flat, Diamond /one bar, Big /small 5 bars, 3 bars, 2 bars
Thickness (mm) 0.1 – 500
Width (mm) 20 – 2650
Length (mm) Customize
Typical Application Architectural decoration, Marine/ vehicle transportation, Manufacturing, including floors, stairs, wainscot, tool box,etc.


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