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3003 aluminum coil for insulation

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3003 aluminum coil for insulation

3003 insulation aluminum coil is widely used, especially in pipeline engineering. The living environment of pipelines is generally humid, and ordinary raw materials cannot meet this setting. The emergence of 3003 insulation aluminum coil has solved such problems. In addition to pipes, they can also be used for external packaging, mechanical components, refrigerators, air conditioning ventilation ducts, decorative curtain wall panels, and indoor aluminum ceilings.

3003  aluminum coil

There are many advantages to insulated aluminum coils, as the density of aluminum is small, so the quality of aluminum coils is light; Aluminum coils have the advantage of being beautiful and generous; Aluminum is not easily oxidized in the air, and its service life has been greatly improved compared to other materials. 3003 insulated aluminum coil is a representative product of the 3 series aluminum manganese alloy, also known as rust resistant aluminum coil. It is mainly used in insulation materials for pipelines, building roofs, and walls, and other fields. Generally, 3003 aluminum rolls with a thickness of 0.4-1.0mm are used for insulation aluminum rolls.3003 Insulation Aluminum coil

Performance advantages of 3003 aluminum coil

  • Low density and light weight;
  • High corrosion resistance;
  • Good weldability and conductivity;
  • Long service life;
  • Recyclable and reusable3003 Insulation Aluminum coil.

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