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1.5 mm 6063 Aluminum Sheet for Sale

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6063 Aluminum Sheet for Sale

6063 aluminum sheet for sale is one of the best-selling products of Mingtai Aluminum. The 6063 aluminum plate is Al-Mg-Si high-plastic alloy. 6063 aluminum properties include superior processing properties, excellent weldability, extrudability and plating performance, 6063 aluminum is also very resistant to corrosion and toughness. It is easy to polish, has an upper coating, and has an excellent anodizing effect. 6063 vs 6061 are commonly used raw materials in automobile manufacturing. Here, 6063 aluminum sheet for sale is mainly used for car body structural parts of high-speed passenger cars, automobile engine parts, automobile wheels, mobile phone casings and 3C fields. At present, the stock of Mingtai 6063 aluminum sheet for sale is about 42t.

6063 aluminum

6063 Aluminum Sheet for Sale Price

How to calculate the price of 6063 aluminum sheet for sale? Here, you can understand it at a glance.

First, you must be sure of the specification of 6063 aluminum sheet , such as 2000mm*1000mm*1.5mm(L*W*T)

Then, Calculate the volume of 6063 aluminum sheet by multiplying the length by the width by the thickness. From the specification assumed in the first step: 2000mm×1000mm×1.5mm=3,000,000(cubic mm), where we need to convert the volume unit of cubic mm into cubic meters, 3,000,000 cubic mm is 0.003 cubic meters. Too much trouble to convert? Then we can also get it directly through the online unit conversion tool.

6063 aluminum

Next, you have to remember a number, and a formula. The number 2.7 is the density of the aluminum plate. If you want to know the price of any item, you need to know its weight. 6063 aluminum sheet for sale is no exception. In the previous step, we already know the volume of 6063 aluminum sheet, and know the specific density of aluminum, so we can figure out the weight. The formula is: mass = density times volume. In the above case, we can calculate that the weight of 6063 aluminum sheet is equal to 0.003 cubic meters times 2.7, which is 0.0081kg.

Finally, figure out the price of aluminum plate. Multiply the weight we get by 6063 aluminum sheet for sale unit price. However, we only mentioned the price of a piece of 2000mm*1000mm*1.5mm(L*W*T) specification. However, we can work out the sheet weight of specifications you need according to the above calculation scheme, determine the total number of sheets, the total weight can be calculated, in this step.

Maybe by this time you’ll have an Epiphany, in fact, 6063 aluminum sheet for sale price only came to the surface. Don’t worry, Mingtai has a special article about 6063 aluminum plate price, just click to view.

6063 aluminum

Problem of 6063 Aluminum Sheet for Sale Manufacturer

At present, many 6063 aluminum sheet for sale manufacturers are small in scale, decentralized in production and operation, not advanced in production technology and few varieties, and have not formed a complete heat treatment state system and cast aluminum alloy system. The quality of the 6063 aluminum sheet produced is not up to the requirements of automobile industry and other fields. Part of 6063 aluminum sheet for sale manufacturer has little hardware input. Due to financial problems, it cannot purchase advanced hot rolling mill, finishing mill, large punch and other equipment. Without hardware input of several million yuan, its strength cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, it is particularly important to choose a reliable 6063 aluminum plate manufacturer. You might as well learn about Mingtai Aluminum, there will be happy harvest.

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