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What If the Yogurt is Stuck on Aluminum Foil Yogurt Lid ?

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Aluminum Foil for Yogurt Lid

At the mention of yogurt, a small cup of sour sweet taste, and fresh fruit began to stimulate the sense of our tongue. So we couldn’t wait to uncover the yogurt lid foil. What? One small cup of yogurt, about half of it is stuck on aluminum foil for yogurt lid! What a pity to throw it away! So, is this thick layer of yogurt still edible? Here, Mingtai Aluminum, a yogurt lid foil manufacturer for well-known Chinese old-fashioned yogurt, is responsible to tell you: aluminum foil for yogurt lid safe non-toxic, can be assured to lick boldly!

aluminum foil for yogurt lid

Grades of Aluminum Foil for Yogurt Lid

In fact, yogurt lid is composed of three layers: polyester, aluminum foil and thermal seal layer (PET/AL/PE·EVA). Among them,aluminum foil for yogurt lid plays the role of connecting the other two materials, with good compound, sealing, shading, aseptic and non-toxic characteristics. This layer of yogurt lid foil is made of 8011 aluminum foil, commonly used in O temper, with a thickness of 0.038-0.048mm. Here 8011 yogurt lid aluminum foil contains Mn and Mg elements, so it has strong acid resistance. It not only has the very good protective effect to the yogurt, to the jelly, the milk tea and other contained fruit acid components have a good acid corrosion resistance, guaranteeing the perfect taste! In addition, the tensile strength of 8011 aluminum foil for yogurt lid is 125 ~ 165 Mpa and the yield strength is 110 Mpa, which is higher than 8201 aluminum foil. However, in the corresponding same temper, the elongation and puncture resistance of 8011 aluminum foil is lower than that of 8021 aluminum foil. Therefore, the yogurt lid foil with higher requirements for airtightness and elongation is mostly 8021 and 8079 aluminum foil. Correspondingly, 8021 and 8079 yogurt lid foil price are relatively high.

aluminum foil for yogurt lid

Mingtai Aluminum Foil for Yogurt Lid Supply

What if the yogurt is stuck on aluminum foil yogurt lid ? Let’s eat it in one gulp! Because there is a high-end aluminum foil manufacturer — Henan Mingtai Aluminum Industry Co,Ltd. Its 8011/8021/8079 aluminum foil for yogurt lid meets the requirements of food-grade packaging, is sterile, non-toxic, has high convex value, the surface can be brushed water grade A, best-selling North America, Europe, Asia, the United States, Korea, Japan and more than 100 countries and regions.! Here, Mingtai for the use of aluminum foil yogurt lid security escort! If you are interested in our aluminum foil for yogurt lid, please do not hesitate to click the right customer service dialog box, or email to tell us. Our yogurt lid foil price is favorable, and we can also provide quality assurance, you can rest assured to purchase! So, Come and consult!

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