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Mingtai aluminum foil manufacturer provides aluminum foil grade specifications

Mingtai Aluminum is a large-scale aluminum foil manufacturer in China. It can produce various specifications of aluminum foil from 0.012mm to 0.8mm thick, including 1050 aluminum foil1060 aluminum foil3003 aluminum foil8006 aluminum foil8011 aluminum foil8021 aluminum foil8079 aluminum foil etc,. With excellent product quality, competitive price and considerate after-sales service, Mingtai Aluminum company enjoys a good reputation in the industry and has won many honorary titles!

aluminum foil manufacturer

Five typical uses of Mintai aluminum foil

1、Aluminum foil for packaging

There are two mainly application about aluminum foil for food packaging, one is aluminum-plastic or aluminum-paper composite packaging, the other is aluminum-plastic paper multilayer composite packaging. About aluminum foil packing, there are a lot of advantages. Investigation shows that the demands of chinese food aluminum foil are about 30,000 tons per year. besides, china’s food industry is in a period of development, there is still much room for development in the future of aluminum foil food packaging.

aluminum foil manufacturer

The Food aluminum foil lunch box Produced by Mingtai aluminum foil manufacturer with surface clean, oil-free, bright lines and other inclusions. It passed serious pinhole test, and its degreasing process and plate type control, product safety and hygiene meet food grade requirements, and high elongation other features. Mingtai aluminum foil supplier is the choice of providing raw material manufactures with the raw material of various aluminum foil lunch boxes at home and abroad.

aluminum foil manufacturer

2、Medicine foil

Pharmaceutical packaging aluminum foil is mainly used for packaging of water, granules, capsules, tablets and other products, as well as easy-opening caps and medicinal PTP aluminum foil. PTP aluminum foil for pharmaceutical packaging has the advantages of moisture-proof and light-proof, safe and hygienic, and easy to carry. One of the most promising pharmaceutical packaging materials. In recent years, the pharmaceutical foil market has developed rapidly. On the one hand, the pharmaceutical market has developed rapidly, and on the other hand, the application ratio of aluminum foil in pharmaceutical packaging has been increasing.

aluminum foil manufacturer

3、Composite foil for automobile

There are two types of aluminum foil used in automobiles, one is composite foil for automobile air conditioners, the other is composite foil for automobile radiators, which is used to manufacture automobile radiator radiators, automobile condensers and evaporators. At present, the annual demand for aluminum foil in China’s automotive air conditioners is 15,000 tons, and the annual demand for automotive water tank aluminum foil is about 0.3 million tons.

aluminum foil manufacturer

4、Aluminum foil for cable

The cable foil is produced by attaching special plastic film (0.058mm thick) on upper and lower surfaces of 0.15-0.20mm thick aluminum foil, it attach the surface of the cable, so as to protect and shield the external environment from interference.

aluminum foil manufacturer

5、Honeycomb foil

Aluminum honeycomb core material is made of 3003 aluminum foil hexagonal honeycomb core . The thickness of aluminum foil is 0.02~0.06mm. Honeycomb foil has been widely used in high-rise building exterior wall decoration with many advantages such as light weight, high strength and high rigidity, heat insulation, waterproof, moisture-proof, heat preservation, no harmful gas release advantages.


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