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The Current Status of the Aluminum Foil Market

Use of aluminum foil: Aluminum foil has the advantages of moisture-proof, air-tight, light-shielding, non-toxic and tasteless, recyclable, and strong protection. So, medicine aluminum foil and food grade aluminum foil quickly became the current trend. At the same time, there are household aluminum foil, tape foil, aluminum foil container, honeycomb foil, etc., which are used in all corners of our lives. The common aluminum foils produced by aluminum foils supplier are: 1235 aluminum foil, 1050 aluminum foil, 1060 aluminum foil, 1100 aluminum foil of 1 series aluminum foil. 8011 aluminum foil, 8021 aluminum foil, 8079 aluminum foil of 8 series aluminum foil.

Industry status: The characteristics of aluminum foil are easy to be compounded, printed, coated, etc., making the aluminum foil manufacturing process relatively simple and the production input cost is low. Small-scale aluminum foil suppliers such as small workshops in the market are emerging one after another, in order to seek huge profits in the production of defective products, paper instead of foil, short weight shortage, cutting corners, and have not obtained export’s qualifications, who release product information in major cities, making it difficult for consumers to distinguish when purchase aluminum foil.

Quality of Product: Some aluminum foil suppliers supply aluminum foil version flatness does not reach A grade, there are black oil spots, bright lines, small black silk, curling, etc., can not meet the safety and health standards, the majority of online consumers actually receive the aluminum foil that did not match the product promoted on the website.

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Note of Choosing Aluminum Foil

First, Look at the shape: the packaging of formal aluminum foils supplier is generally professionally designed, with registered trademarks, factory name, contact telephone number, precautions and methods of use, etc., and indicate the length or weight, the packaging is more beautiful and generous. Inferior products do not have these elements.

Next, Look at the internal quality: Any product that is a regular aluminum foils supplier can be opened to view the internal quality. The following points should be noted when opening the box:
1.look color: high-quality aluminum foil of aluminum foils supplier glossy as a mirror, The opposite side is misty but silvery and fresh. The surface of inferior aluminum foil is dim.

2.Look at the deterioration or not: Open the seal and pull out 30cm or more to check whether there is oxidative deterioration. After the metamorphic aluminum foil is oxidized, white-green alumina will be formed. It is impossible to distinguish the deterioration by seeing the front surface.

3. look at the core: products of regular aluminum foils supplier will not do paper articles, but from the perspective of saving paper and transportation costs, the core paper tube diameter is generally between 3.5-4.5cm, the thickness is of inner core tube between 1-4 mm, and the inferior product’s inner core tube is made very thick and large, in order to replace the weight of the aluminum foil with the weight of the paper tube.

4.See if it is sufficient: The number of turns from the aluminum foil roll can basically distinguish whether it is sufficient. If the visual inspection is not sure, the weight of the inner core tube can be removed by using the electronic scale to distinguish it.

5. look at the certificate: the formal aluminum foils supplier has the relevant department’s testing certificate and product quality certification, and the general three no products can not be provided, the more effective way to check the authenticity of the certificate is online inquiry.

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Why Choose Mingtai Aluminum Foils Supplier?


Mingtai aluminum foil manufacture strictly inspects the quality of the blank from the source and regularly cleans the rolling mill so that the surface of the rolled aluminum foil is clean and free of oil. In terms of production safety, strict implementation of industry standards, multiple inspections of bacteria, molds, etc., strict control of heavy metal content does not exceed 0.2 million per million, to ensure that aluminum foil is non-toxic and tasteless, and safe enough.


There are responsive pre-sales consulting team, one-on-one sales support team, professional manufacturing team, butler-type after-sales service team. Mingtai aluminum foils supplier has focused on aluminum processing for 20 years with the heart of the craftsman, to be trust of you.

Powerful strength

In addition to, There are four production bases about Mingtai aluminum foils supplier, the total production base covers an area of 1.3 million square meters, 750,000 tons of annual production capacity, 10-35 days delivery, which can meet your production needs。The Current Status of the Aluminum Foil Market


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