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Can you put aluminum foil in the oven?

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Aluminum foil is a commonly used packaging material. It is commonly used in industrial buildings. In addition to its packaging, aluminum foil has a very strong role in other places. For example, some people think that aluminum foil can be used in cooking. The main function of the oven is to bake food. When grilling food, not only the food should be placed on the baking tray. In order to avoid the loss of taste, it is necessary to wrap the food with the corresponding things. Some people think of using aluminum foil. So, can you put aluminum foil in the oven?


Aluminum foil can be placed in the oven, and the role of aluminum foil in the oven:

1. Anti-greasy, help cleaning

After use, just remove the Aluminium foil for food packaging and make the cleaning work easier. In the same way, it is also possible to spread the greasy ingredients on the dip board to avoid the oil staining of the board. Or before cooking, stick the aluminum foil paper on the front wall of the gas stove to avoid the oil stains that are sprayed.

2. Wrap the ingredients to roast and flavor

Wrap the ingredients in the Food foil for grilling, such as creamy crabs, grilled clams, etc., to lock in the sweet flavor of the ingredients!
Aluminum foil is generally divided into a smooth surface and a matte surface. The matte surface is easy to absorb heat, so the fog should face the light and heat, and the effect will be exerted. Therefore, when roasting, the food is wrapped in a bright surface of aluminum foil, and the fog is facing the charcoal fire, and the meat is easily cooked.
Note: If you use aluminum foil to wrap the ingredients, do not add acidic substances such as lemon juice to the aluminum foil. Because the aluminum foil is a metal, when the metal and the acidic substance are mixed together, chemical changes will occur, and substances harmful to the human body are easily generated.


3. Can help quickly freeze

Meat or seafood bought from the market can be wrapped in plastic wrap and wrapped in a layer of aluminum foil in a freezer, which will allow the ingredients to freeze more quickly and keep the food fresh!

Food foil magic:

1. Scissors that are dull in the home can be easily restored by cutting them on two or three layers of aluminum foil. In the same way, you can also use a few pieces of reattached aluminum foil to fold in half, and then slowly cut with a kitchen knife, as a ready-made whetstone.
2. We can smash the used Food foil into a group and throw it into the drain hole of the sink. When the aluminum foil is washed by water, it will collide with the drainage hole to produce metal ions. The drainage hole will not easily adhere to the oil residue of the kitchen, and has the function of deodorization.
Can the Aluminium foil for food packaging be placed in the oven? In summary, the Food foil can be placed in the oven. It is also very good when wrapped in aluminum foil when baking food. In addition to being used in the oven, aluminum foil is also very useful, as described in the article. Concentrate on the use of aluminum foil, I believe it can be used in life.

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