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How to buy a High-quality Embossed Aluminium Plate?

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Classification and Application of Aluminum Embossed Sheet

The emergence of embossed aluminum plate makes it very demanding, and its alloy range mainly includes 1xxx, 3xxx, 5xxx, 6xxx series plates. Like the commonly used big 5 bar embossed aluminum plate, small 5 bar embossed aluminum plate, styloid embossed aluminum plate, etc., often used in factory floors, decoration and other aspects, in addition to household furniture, household appliances, large trucks and its shipbuilding industry, which is closely related to our lives. So, how much do you know about the type of aluminum embossed sheet? Next, Mingtai Aluminum will give you a comprehensive understanding of the embossed aluminum plate.

Embossed Aluminium Plate

1, Orange peel embossed aluminum plate: named because its surface has the same pattern as orange peel. Used in refrigerators, air conditioners and packaging.

2, 5 bar embossed aluminum plate: also known as the willow-shaped tread plate, common with big 5 bar and small 5 bar. The pattern of the small 5 bar aluminum plate is 1 cm to 2 cm smaller than that of the large 5 bar aluminum plate.

3, Lenticular type embossed aluminum plate: is a commonly used style of anti-slip aluminum plate, has a good anti-slip effect, the most commonly used is 1060 embossed aluminum plate, applied to cold storage, subway slip, elevator and stair anti-skid, etc.

4, Compass type embossed aluminum plate: non-slip aluminum plate, and the 5 bar has the same effect.

Embossed Aluminium Plate

Notice to Buying Embossed Aluminum Plate

1.To meet the requirements of national industry standards

High-quality embossed aluminum plate shows thin thickness, compressive strength, thin air oxide film, etc. It should meet the national industry standards, we can refer to national industry standards (GB/T 3618-2006), which is a standard specification for aluminum and aluminum alloy embossed aluminum plate. If it does not meet the norm, it is a substandard aluminum embossed sheet.

2.Surface condition

The high-quality embossed aluminum plate is smooth and bright, the lines are clear and neat, the aluminum alloy plate is flat, and the surface is free from oil, scratches and fractures.


Embossed aluminum plate can be divided into pure aluminum tread plate and aluminum alloy embossed aluminum plate according to different raw materials. The price of alloy aluminum plate is higher than that of pure aluminum tread plate. The price of all normal high-quality pattern aluminum plates is 20%-30% higher than that of counterfeit aluminum plates.

4.Pre-sales service and after-sales service

The manufacturer’s return service and return terms are perfect. Is there a customer complaint?

Embossed Aluminium Plate

How to Clean Embossed Aluminum Plate?

1. Cleaning method. We must pay attention to the cleaning of the embossed aluminum plate from top to bottom and from the outside to the inside. The order of cleaning must be carried out in the order specified, otherwise it may cause certain damage to the aluminum plate.

2.Choice of detergent. Due to the chemical nature of aluminum products, we must pay attention to the use of neutral cleaning agents in the cleaning process, avoiding the use of acidic or alkaline cleaning agents.

3. Choice of cleaning materials. Do not use excessively strong tools such as steel balls. When cleaning, we’ d better to choose the standard rail cleaner.

4.Place the environment. Ventilation should be maintained. Because if the aluminum product is left in a wet state for a long time, it is possible to produce an aluminum oxide film on the surface of the aluminum. The oxide film of aluminum is a non-smooth product, which causes the surface of aluminum to be not smooth, and the color of aluminum is not bright, which affects the appearance of the embossed aluminum plate.

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