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Classification and Application of Aluminum embossed sheet

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The aluminum tread plate is a large category in the aluminum plate classification. The classification of the aluminum tread plate is mainly divided according to two ways. First, the classification according to the pattern of the aluminum embossed sheets, and then the type according to the alloy used in the aluminum tread plate.

Aluminum embossed sheet

Pattern Classification of Aluminum embossed sheet

There are many types of aluminum tread plates, but there are several tread of common aluminum plates, such as 5 bar aluminum tread plates, aluminum diamond plates, and orange-skinned aluminum tread plates. In addition to these, there are lentils, spheres, waves, diamonds, etc. Aluminum tread plates with these patterns are also popular among consumers. According to the different patterns, their uses are also different. Aluminium Tread Plates with diamonds are used in packaging pipes or packaging.

Aluminum embossed sheet

Classification of Alloy Aluminum embossed sheet

5 Series Aluminum embossed sheet

The second way to distinguish aluminum tread plate is to divide the alloy composition. The difference in alloy composition also makes aluminum embossed sheets have different differences in use. To our common ordinary aluminum tread plate, the price is relative. cheap,which mostly used in cold storage floors and on the outer packaging of the product. While the 5-series aluminum-magnesium alloy aluminum tread plate is more used in shipbuilding, car compartments, etc. in relatively humid environments, which is also due to the 5 series aluminum-magnesium alloy aluminum tread plate is superior to common alloy aluminum embossed sheets in corrosion resistance, rust resistance and hardness.

3 Series Aluminum embossed sheet

In addition to the 5-series aluminum tread plate, there is also an aluminum embossed sheets worth to be introduced. This is the 3 series alloy manganese aluminum tread plate, also known as rust-proof aluminum plate. It is the same as the 5-series aluminum tread plate. The anti-rust performance of it is stronger than ordinary alloy aluminum embossed sheets, and it is mainly used in truck manufacturing and cold storage floor. Anti-rust aluminum embossed sheets are generally used in cold storage, carriages and ship bilges. This series of aluminum plates does not need to be suspended, so there is no need to choose Non-slip aluminum plate with thickness and high hardness. For special places (such as places that need to be suspended or highly corrosive, easy to rust and corrode), it is recommended to use 5052 aluminum plate or 6061 aluminum plate. The aluminum tread plate has excellent rust resistance, corrosion resistance and long service life.

Aluminum embossed sheet

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