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MIing Aluminum Coil Suppliers

Aluminum coil refers to an aluminum alloy plate, an aluminum strip roll, and an aluminum foil supplied in a roll. It is calendered by a casting mill, and after being bent and angled, it is used for the metal product of the flying shear process. That is to say, the aluminum coil can satisfy the narrowest width of the aluminum plate required by the user. It is widely used in electronics, packaging, construction, machinery and so on. Here, the aluminum coil stock types provided by Mingtai aluminum coil suppliers are divided into conventional aluminum coil, aluminum tread coil, medium-thick aluminum coil, etc., aluminum coil classification grades are 5083 aluminum coil, 5754 aluminum coil, 1050 aluminum coil, 6061 aluminum coil, 3003. Aluminum coil, 1060 aluminum coil, 5052 aluminum coil.

Aluminum Coil Stock

Usage of Mingtai Representative Aluminium Coil

1060 aluminum coil: Mingtai aluminum coil stock 1060 aluminum coil technology is mature, good quality and low price. The aluminum coil has a flat surface and high cleanliness, is suitable for polymer welding, and has good product elongation and tensile strength. It can fully meet the requirements of conventional stamping and drawing, and is widely used in soft connection of power battery and aluminum plastic, boards, lamps, signs and other fields.

Aluminum coil 3003: 3003 aluminum coil is a kind of rust-proof aluminum which is widely used. It can not be heat-treated, has good corrosion resistance, good weldability and poor machinability. It is widely used in wine bottle caps, beverage bottle caps, cosmetic covers, etc.

5052 aluminum coil: 5052 aluminum alloy in aluminum coil stock coil has high strength, especially high fatigue resistance, high plasticity and polishing. Widely used in aluminum tread plate, umbrella frames, special materials for transportation equipment, etc.

Aluminum Coil Stock

Storage of Mingtai Aluminum Coil Stock

1.Mingtai aluminum coil manufacturer will cover the aluminum coil that has just been produced in time with a layer of waterproof plastic and place it in the warehouse until the required order for the aluminum coil is completed, ensuring that the aluminum coil is not affected by the rain.

2. During the storage of the aluminum coil in the aluminum coil stock, Mingtai pays attention to the regulation of air drying. If necessary, Mingtai can place some desiccant around the aluminum coil to reduce the possibility of oxidation of the aluminum coil.

Aluminum Coil Stock

Mingtai Aluminum Coil Stock

1060 aluminum coil stock: The spot stock is about 210 tons (including all alloy states and specifications)

3003 aluminum coil: The spot stock is about 260 tons (including all alloy states and specifications)

5052 aluminum coil stock: The spot stock is about 470 tons (including all alloy states and specifications)

Mingtai specializes in aluminum coil production for more than 20 years, forming a mature (1+4) tandem hot mill with a strip throughput of over 1,500 tons, enabling timely efficient production of aluminum coils and your order is delivered quickly. If you want to know more about aluminum coil stock, click on the online customer service dialog box for free consultation!

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